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I must say it's right or wrong. I think about it often and i think about what life was like when we had when mark and i had one nightclub and we lived in a cool apartment three blocks from the club and i think it's i think it's growth and i think it's evolving and i think it's opportunity to grow other people because at the end of the day if you're not in service to others you'll be incredibly lonely true. That's <hes>. I really feel that what if you're given a platform to create things that more people can enjoy that can employ more people that can then make them enjoy things and do more things like that's exciting to me so at twenty five or thirty one club would have been enough but that's not enough if you want to grow. It's really important to know what your limit is. Am emma you know. I i've gone through several times where i think my limit is. This i push it and then the world slaps me back. So how did that happen. I mean look we had led from one venue june. Which was the hottest nightclub in two thousand york and the country it was it was certainly certainly something special and it was something we certainly weren't expecting every celebrity all the models all the important people right day. One was kanye west jay z penelope. That'd be crews are first birthday party. Mark and i are both born on the tenth of june so we call the ten june really wanted to make sure everybody knew <hes> <hes> involved at all you know of course not but and i think it's okay at twenty eight twenty nine. You wanna make a name for yourself and there's no that's why i say that when people say like oh what's the key success i was like i have what has been successful to me what has failed to me and i'll share that and i think everyone has their own different version. I think there are times to be you too. Have you go into positive about who you are and then there's times to pull it back. There's no one strategy. I think at twenty eight twenty nine to make it about out yourself because it was about us and we were driving it so that went to one and fast forward to fourteen fourteen nightclubs and restaurants in restaurants restaurants atlantic city miami new york new jersey all of it and we had go back down to three one to fourteen said fourteen. We slap in the face we we. We thought it would be great to just continue to do it. The way we did it and grow it and that's where you have to learn about structure and strategy rations rations and stuff where it's it's not just the sizzle and you need the substance so now in two thousand nineteen its structure and culture and wearing a seesaw in our business on how to balance the a culture which is the fun because we're in the business a fund. That's a challenging thing about the business of fun. It can be really fun but you better find the structure to it and if you're all structure you're boring..

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