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Saying they believe that could mean there is a potentially dangerous invasion of the insects in the state. Dave Packer ABC News News 1000 FM, 97 7 11 31 Now a co Moh news attempts are starting to climb and the sun is finally starting to peek through this marine layer. Good morning to you. I'm Ryan Harris with your top stories from the Comb 0 24 7 News Center. At least one person is dead. Six Others are in the hospital after a crash on I five near Arlington last night happened just north of the Stillaguamish River Bridge troopers. The driver of a white SUV tried to merge into another lane saw a car nearby. Then overcorrected rolled several times off the road that through one person from the SUV. We're still waiting for an update on the conditions of the people that were taken to the hospital. The state will have to pay the family of Susan Cox Powell nearly $100 million. A jury found the Department of Social and Health Services at fault during a supervised visit. Back in 2012 when the social worker brought the boys over to their father's house, Josh Powell, Powell locked her out and then killed the boys in himself. Josh Powell had long been suspected in Susan's disappearance. The most important thing is putting Children first. And which is what the law says. And that's what they're there, Priorities say, but to stop what they did. That's Chuck Cox, the boy's grandfather. He and his wife fought a long battle for custody of those boys. The Seattle City Council Budget Committee talked about a draft resolution on Friday on de Funding Seattle police, which promises to quote create a new civilian led department that will take a holistic approach to public safety and to do it before the end of next year. The measure calls for moving 911 other functions out of SPD, as well as immediate steps to re prioritize 900 calls and to reduce biased policing. Councilmember Debra Waris says she's concerned the call to lay off police officers, starting with those who have a long history of complaints instead of by seniority will lead to discrimination claims in principle. I'm not against that. But those of us that question the legality does not mean that we're against you What I am trying to have some common sense, which I understand isn't in fashion. Is the unconstitutionality. The new department would be called the Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention. More local school districts have said they are going to Goa totally 100% online Learning nor Thurston, Issaquah and Bethel joining the growing list of district's opting for that distance Learning because of the risks of spreading covert 19 in the classroom school is supposed to start in just a matter of weeks. Is now 11 34. Here in Combe Aux News. Let's get a check Your Saturday, Dr Cuomo Traffic with John Nelson. Yeah. Busy traffic. Even on a Saturday around here. We've got a big mess right now. In the Tiger Mountain area, Highway 18 both directions near a Tiger mountain summit. We've got the roadway completely blocked or the collision in the auburn area. We've got the off ramp block with the stalled vehicle. 167 15 Street. Southwest got a three hour wait at the Michael Teo a very dark. Our next Cuomo traffic at 11 44. Alright. Thanks, John. Now let's head over to the co Moh forecast center, our friend, meteorologist Shannon O'Donnell, and let you know what the risks your weekends like. Why'd everybody.

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