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And sleep medicine here at the department of NYU Winthrop, and she's going to discuss this morning with us signs and symptoms. That probably affect many of us, and I hear this time and time again for my own patients that getting up at night. And a lot of times, I think, you know, as Iran, while it's probably the bladder the prostate, but it may not be. And so we're going to talk to her, and she's also going to discuss new approaches to treating sleep apnea and particularly something that's fascinating to me, a new implantable device and other things that we're going to get into this morning. She is wonderful person. She had outstanding credentials. I could be on the on the phone here for you know, the whole show talking about all of the work and credentials, that she's done, but she is a physician and fellow of the American Academy of sleep medicine. She won numerous awards in this area and also very involved in media on the news quite a bit, and has also written some very interesting novels so welcome to the show once again documents. So glad. That you could be with us this morning. Good morning. He can't pleasure. Good morning. How are how have you been? It's been a long time since we had you on the show, I think it has. But we were together discussing sleep at you'll mend health conference here in garden city. So it's wonderful to be back and on Sunday morning. Most of your listeners may be listening to you while they are still getting ready to get out of bed, one of the communist sate disorders. Hey, we are in the city that doesn't sleep is sleep deprivation..

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