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Like could be a fluke. I do and it's good to see everybody last week. I felt i was a little too amped as a little too excited. It worked live. I was worried. Those little to activated in the recording some taking a moment to take it in thank you. I see that you have a pika chew jacket. i started with. What early early in life early tonight. Early as opposed to what you were going to reveal it later i see so early by timetable. You had set for yourself as to when you were going to peacock with that fucking pichu jacket and get my attention but you got a little chilly and so you put it over your legs and i came over here first. You're being modest. And now i'm talking to you a what you later. That amazing song was by mark. Coughlan if you live or steam please send it to us at leave. It at crooked dot com. Also we're trying an experiment tonight. Which is we have a board in the back where you can put your own high notes and so we're gonna do the high notes live so if you want to leave a high note for us to talk about at the end of the show put it up on the board at a moment where it wouldn't be too distracting for me for the people around you. Show some damn respect on this week. Show ashley joins inaugural do not read this book book club. Bj novak wrestles with the very notion of reality and cara link swings by for return of our hot take segment. But first let's get into it. What a week this week representative ro khanna said. We're all thinking about curzon cinema as she continues to drag her feet on passing the reconciliation. Bill i guess the question is what does she want. I think it's obvious. What senator kirsten cinema wants. It's a hot topic. That's just for people over forty in response to pressure both cinema and west. Virginia senator and graffman. You can sort of see centrally making piece of pottery with a ghost joe manchin. There's a softness there. You know what i'm saying. It's there we can deny but it's their. He released a statement as well. Cinema says she has been providing details negotiations with the white house. Majority leader chuck schumer. Manchin said he is open to a one point five trillion dollar reconciliation. Bill if schumer will agree to stop showing up at his house every morning with one. Lox and cream. Cheese bagels to split. Because he goes because they give you such a big portion sort of sweet to split it when as a reporter where she was with regards to passing the bill. Senator cinema said this. They don't know where you are right so for those. It was a tough audio so someone said the democrats in the house. Don't know where you are. And she said. I'm right by the elevator. Because she's doing fucking schick. Seattle melted their smoke every third day. And she's like. I got jokes. She went on to say. I haven't decided which florida get off on. But i'm definitely going to push every button because i stink. Cinemas also reportedly been to the white house four times. This week is biden attempts to negotiate a deal to pass. Both the bipartisan infrastructure. Bill anyway he also wants to pass build back better. Both very important to buy the bipartisan one for roads and then there's the bills back better for the rest of society. There's the roads one and then there's the one that nobody can summarize because it's childcare. Climate tax cuts. I think dentistry is in there. I think it make dentistry may come out. The point is sometimes. I think it was a mistake for us to organize our entire society around the principle that the people with the greatest pathological need for attention will be granted the most power as a consequence of getting the most attention who wrote this. I hate that about cinema me halfway through it. I realized i may have been pranked. Not even doing the punchline. I hurt my own feeling anyway. About all these shenanigans. Nancy pelosi told the press this then they just tell you about negotiating at the end. That's when you really have to weigh in you cannot tired. you cannot concede. This is the first time. Nancy pelosi is eighty one years old. What is it like to live this way. I regret making dinner plans on a week night. If i don't get an hour to chill between work and leaving my house again. I freak out because i need that moment to get myself together. She's eighty one with my grandparents. Were eighty one. It was like breakfast casino late lunch. Bed she's dangling. Josh god homer over the over the ledge of the fucking capital rotunda. Give me the fucking votes got heimer. I think it's called. Plus it gets a lotta shit but deep down we we water there right now. A little bit come on when questioned. If he was confident that the infrastructure bill would pass on thursday house majority leader. Hoyer said nope as of right now no votes. What's going to happen next in her new memoir former white house. press secretary. Stephanie grissom details. How president trump allegedly underwent a kohanovsky without anesthesia. In order to avoid showing weakness. The whole thing takes place in the weakness though trump did say a little vcr cleaner. I'm so sorry that that killed in the piquiachu section. I will say by twenty twenty two. We're hoping love it or leave. It will be one hundred percent. Poppers jokes on wednesday. Ted cruz tweeted and support. Nba players. Who seem not to be complying with vaccine mandates in new york in san francisco. Saying i stand with kyrie irving and my body my choice i can think of. No better incentive on earth for vacs athletes to get vaccinated than having ted cruz express their support. I don't wanna be with that guy. I had to spell hiree out phonetically. Because i hadn't heard the term before after her daughter's real estate appraiser application was denied by state employees south dakota governor christie. No in her daughter met with the employees her supervisor and the state's labor secretary gnomes daughter was approved. Four months later the agency employee was allegedly forced to retire a week after approving the application to christina daughter. I would just say this dream bigger. Your mom will kill off half the state for a motorcycle parade. You could be surgeon general if you want a lot corruption to become a real estate appraiser saying it's a good job but this week. Facebook announced it planned instagram for kids would be put on pause out of concern. Their platform negatively impacts children's self-image instagram spokesperson said in a statement. We have listened to experts in parents and before launching this project. We.

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