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The exciting college football, big time power, five conference, college football, spectacular pageantry and the marching bands and the crowd and then throw that into one of the best, if not the best sports venues in America. Mark Neville, the Holiday Bowl CEO, announcing the partnership with the Padres that will see Petco Park turned into a 50,000 seat Football stadium. For late December Well after any potential baseball playoff runs Jack Chronic local news Israeli scientists say human bones found at an archaeological dig belonged to a new type of early human in a study published Thursday, Scientists at Tele Viv say they uncovered prehistoric remains at a dig in central Israel that could not be matched to any known species from the Homo genus. Including Homo SAPIENs. They say the bones are over 120,000 years old. They share features with both the homo genus and Neanderthals. Unlike modern humans, the researchers say the early humans had very large teeth and no chin. They also found ancient tools. Sounds like me before I had some work done. T m I The offspring sharing in another wild video. This time, it's for their song in the Hall of the Mountain King. The video follows an astronaut type as they try to reach the top of a mountain and plant a flag with the band's logo on it On Twitter, the band said the song was originally written by composer Edvard Grieg in 18 75. But they always felt that he didn't quite nail it. Uh, Oh, my, That's pretty good co two years time 8 26 news about your money is brought to you by bay Alarm. Anything less is a crime and many of us have a little more money in the bank post pandemic, but All right, well, we're sitting on a lot of extra cash as consumers. We've got lots of money in our checking accounts. We still have about 70% of the last couple rounds of stimulus. That's according to a new survey by B of a But with the economy not fully back to normal, not everyone's thriving but three rounds of stimulus have help. They gave us 100 and $4 billion in direct stimulus to middle low income individuals, including expanded unemployment benefits. And with some of that stimulus money still parked in the bank. We've got significant financial fuel the economy B of a predicts that the U. S economy is going to grow by 7% this year and 5.5% next year. There's a couple of catches that we start spending all this stimulus money. Too soon too fast. We've been saving that We're going to see increase in prices, which is precisely what we're experiencing right now. And coming up at 8 55. Why aren't we happier about the economy? I'll break it all down for you coming up. Congratulations, David Stallings of Chula Vista who are going to see Jo Bonner Masa. Enjoy. Oh, you're going to have such a good time. Just weeks after a toddler was killed in a road rage incident. San Diego experiences similar situation. Plus, we've got your traffic Your updated weather KOGO news I made 27. When it comes to protecting your business from fire alarm brings the best like industry leading fire detection systems monitored 24 7. The alarm puts the pro in fire protection. Now, more than ever Day Alarm Co two a CCL 880138. All right, We are going to have another little heatwave in our mountains and deserts this weekend Sunday into Monday, and you know it's summer. It's San Diego, and it's going to get hot, occasionally. So how's your air conditioning? Working? Just curious about that way? You don't need a C in San Diego. La Donna Pickle. I such a lie. So right now you can. You can avoid the lie and you can talk to our friends at Mati, Emma. Use ey dot com For 50 years, San Diego has had Mozzie to work on their heating their air their solar And I tell you what, you couldn't get better people in your home. No up selling no gimmicks. It's just you know here for $99 will check your system, do a diagnostic or maintenance on it $99 per unit, and we can tell you if this thing's going to last through this summer, or you might want to consider getting a new one. And if you are, they will figure out a way to get this within your budget Mas. He understands not everybody can afford the biggest largest most expended now it's just you know what This.

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