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Be a real shame if Emma goes ahead with this. I mean, it's pretty harsh work. Do you really think the Kremlin are going to care that much about what Emma radical who is doing or who she's employing? I mean, I think that's a bit much. The only thing that maybe of sort of more practical reason is the fact that apparently personal was sometimes not able to get visas to travel with a neck on debate. I guess because of the situation. So I assume he's okay to get into the U.S. and I assume that they would know that that's okay having just got together now, but that could be if it's a long-term thing, something she has to consider. And I think the article I was reading, they said that last year personal was asked about Emma changing her coaching situation quite a lot. And he said, oh, if someone from her team, this is his quote, if someone from her team called me now and asked if I wanted to train her, I would tremble with fear because you don't know when you'll be fired. So obviously, you know, he had previously thought all this is a bit much, like the number of coaches she's going through, but he's willing to take it on and who's obviously taking the plot and I hope it works out for them. He's quite a colorful character. I always remember he had some great matches with Tim henman. When he was back on the back on the tour, but yeah, I think he knows the game. This is not just an Emma situation. We see this with lots of other players, coaching, coaching on the tour. It's a ruthless and brutal landscape and we're talking about this as if like this could be next big coach, but the reality is it could just be two weeks and it didn't work out and we move on. So we just don't really know, but I think at the moment, given what we know about rady Carney, we had an episode with Mike Dixon from the daily mail about his book on Emma. And her appetite for the game and she's always, I think, willing to kind of trial and test new avenues, regardless of if people are going to kind of look down upon it, for example, test not being from Russia, but given that she just has that sort of appetite to learn. I think she just kind of sees right through that and I do think there is something there that personal and Emma could potentially Jell-O the given both their styles I think do sort of go hand in hand with each other and the sorts of players as well I think the Tesla has already coached. I think we've had a carnival can be molded into that sort of vein as well. Yeah, well, watch this space. Let's see what happens over the next 6 weeks. On more positive, well, I don't know if this is positive news, new coach for Emma. Other positive news, Ashbaugh, he got married the other day in a ceremony in Queensland, so that was nice to see the pictures doing the rounds on social media. Marrying her partner, Gary kissick, so yeah, congratulations, ash Barty, even. I love she got married to Gary Cassidy. They met, I think, at met a few years ago now, but he's a trainee professional at brookwater golf club. So you know that golf is not too, it's never too far is it from ash party. You do wonder like, that feels like a relationship that's golf is never going to be too far away, is it? She's going to be on the women's PGA before you know it. What is a 3D professional mean? Does that mean he's training to be a professional or a good question? Good question. Wording. You don't say like, oh, I have a trainee tennis player. Maybe I don't know. I'm not a golfing expert. Listeners, let us know what that actually means. Back to the tennis. We've got Washington, D.C.. This week, which is exciting. ATP 500 event that is. And we've also got two 50 there for the women as well. So yeah, mixed event, which is great. We've got WTA 500 in San Jose, and we've also got Los cabos. For the men, two 50, which incidentally, if you comparing the two men's events, Los cabos has the higher the higher the higher names would you say, well, it's got Daniel Medvedev. At the very least, which is where he's making his debut after his Wimbledon ban. D.C.'s a 500 without a top 5 male player, Andre Rublev is the top seed there, whereas Daniel Medvedev is number one said a lot of noise going to be following him given he wasn't able to play Wimbledon all his Instagram posts were basically him just relaxing where he was on a boat. Watching the F one. Watching the Formula One exactly. So it will be fascinating to see how he comes back onto the tour. I would imagine it will be pretty seamless, but Kim, I said to you before the podcast, him playing Los cabos. That to me sounds like he got a big, big, big, big appearance fee to play there and not in the 500 in D.C., because he's the top seed there. Cam nori is the reigning champion. He's the third seed. Got ogier aliasing keck manovich as well. But yeah, it's so interesting choice, I think, to go down to Mexico to start to start your hardcore swing. Yeah, and I think this is where cam won his first title, last year, was this the first one, in which case, you know, this is kind of a remarkable 12 months he's had. Feliciano Lopez also there on a World Cup. That could be another petition idea actually. Feliciano Lopez were wild cards for Kim, he gets too many already. Well, okay, he should give some to Fernando Verdasco then. They could share them. Okay, I can agree with you on that. Going back to the ATP 500, I think Kyle Edmund is back on call. He's actually playing at the moment on at the city open in D.C., or he may have just. He's won. He's won. Of joy. Well done. Yeah, he was a breakdown in that second set. He managed to clutch it in the tiebreak ten 8. So he is through. So that's very, very good for him. He's into the round of 32. I mean, Andy Murray, Dan Evans, Jack Draper, is also there. He's got Stefan kozlov on a wild card in the first round. So a lot of British interest. And yeah, the two 50 as well is not patrol for a WTA two 50. We've got Simona Halep there. She also won today Emma raducanu is the second seed with Jesse pigula as the top seed. Now Kim, I was a bit thankful because bukva was meant to be radika news opponent in the first round, but because she did so well last week, winning in the Czech Republic. She has decided to drop out. So Emma's got a qualifier, which seems on paper a little bit easier. So that I'm hoping is quite a nice gentle opener before potentially who knows, could face Sophia kennan who's on a wild card just coming back onto the tour after a few months what feels like in hibernation. That could potentially be a second round match. Yeah, that would be cool. Venus Williams also got a wild card. She's in the drawer. Harriet darts there. I think she could have a pretty decent few matches, potentially. And Brad koni is playing doubles as well with Clara torsen, which that has not she's not done that in her professional career so far. So nice to see that she's not just thinking about who, you know, who's going to be my next coach to kind of add more thinking and knowledge to her game. I like that that she's moved also into the doubles arena to get more experience from a different sort of angle. Maybe that's a person of suggestion there instant effect maybe. And then San Jose, which is a 500 for the women Zachary and bido are the top two seeds there. So we will see who comes through that one. I mean, who else have we got at that one? Name a sark has got Qing Wen zheng, which could be quite a fun first round match. Shelby Rogers also got Bianca and rescue. And ryback akina by Burkina cassock keener could be quite a fun first round match as well.

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