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Let the voices be heard through elections because if we pass this resolution we no longer have to prove voter fraud to throw out an election result. We can simply do it. The texas legislature will reconvene on thursday to reconsider the bill and the republican authors of the bill. Now say that renders policy that particular horrendous policy will not be in the bill joining us now or texas state representatives. John busey and julie johnson. Thank you both very much for joining us tonight and representative johnson. Let me begin with you. A we ever gonna find out who put this mystery. Provision in the bill we know exactly who put that provision in the bill and that are the republicans in the senate and they put that provision in the bill and send it over to us in the house and so they did it unfortunately with about eleven hours left of the legislative session as they slid it in at the last minute. We didn't get the bill until four fifty two on sunday when the clock expired at midnight. And that provision mysteriously appear so yeah. They knew exactly what they were doing. They were trying to get democrats asleep at the wheel. But fortunately we were paying very close attention and we didn't let it happen representative busey and representing johnson. Let me congratulate you on your huge win here in forcing this out of the bill if you hadn't drawn attention to it as you did They would have been clearly trying to hold onto this provision but representative uc. I'm just surprised that i what is this. So they just actually embarrassed about it. Are they capable of embarrassment. Why are they giving up on this provision. They run policy through us and they try to run us over all the time. They thought they would do that again. Here we made it so clear to them what they were doing. And now that the press and everybody's covering this and they realize how bad this policy is they're trying to walk it back and try not to own it so i think it just shows that are walkout breaking hormuz paying dividends already making a real impact for texas and representative johnson. These other legislatures georgia and others are trying to put in these provisions about what happens after people vote. What can we do after the votes have been cast to try to continue to control the outcome of an election. They strike me as the most terrifying things in any of these laws and you have managed to defeat this one in texas. As i say that that must feel like a huge win at least on that provision. It is a huge win and 'cause that provision was critically important. They changed the standard of proof that one has to prove and then they removed any evidence. Your requirements of actual fraud overturning election so by a standing up walking out taking the stance that we did is democrats. I'm really glad that we were able to highlight the absurdity that this provision would bring on our democracy and that we were able to achieve this result. It's huge for our elections at. It's huge for the voters of texas and hopefully other states will pay as well and not try to do this in their states. Either and representative juicy. I have to say when i. When i saw the walkout it was it was dramatic. It was important. It stopped the clock but it felt from this distance like all it was doing was stopping the clock and at some point that clock was gonna start again with the same tremendous disadvantage that the democrats have in that legislature But while that clock has been stopped you did get this win. at least absolutely we've seen this provision taken out. The attack on sunday voting hours which is really an attack on souls to the polls which is so common in the south among our african american voters in communities that's a provision. They've also walked back. So i think we're seeing multiple wins here and arkansas. Sixty seven democrats are committed to continuing this fight to fight for all the voting rights for the people texas and representative johnson. What what remains in the in the struggle ahead over this legislation well. The governor has called us in for a special session. We start on thursday. They still have not issued the call and they have not. We've not seen the newly file bill. So obviously we'll have to see what they're going to put forward on the table and what they're gonna file see if these provisions are inner out and what other crazy things have come up with to try to put in this bill or if we're going to take the tenor of. Let's pass a reasonable bill. The house offered a lot of reasonable amendments When we had the time in our texas in the process of the house will see if any of those amendments may get back into this version. So we need to see what they actually try to do. And you know fortunately the democratic caucus. We're united. we're ready to fight. And whatever means necessary to make sure that we have a fair elections. Bill offer the people of texas. And if that means breaking corum that means breaking forum if that means offering a million amendments everything else at arguing debating. We're willing to do everything necessary to make sure that we have a fair elections process texas state representatives john. Uc and julia johnson. I am in awe of the power you have exercised from your position in the minority in that leads legislature. It has been an amazing thing to watch. Thank you very much.

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