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Be urinal DOD risers see drywall or D cigarette. Ashes binge eater was hospitalized after any more than thirty pounds of dryer sheets. Urinal deodorizer drywall or cigarette doubting myself again, but I took I took my original answer, scratchy. Go ahead. Mateka urinal deodorizer urinal DOD risers, and I answer Rier sheets scratched it out. Then wrote urinal DOD risers a man suffering say right now, I'm I switched the right answer. You think he did a man suffering from an eating disorder was hospitalized after his carvings led him to ingest more than sixty deodorizer. For toilets, wait a minute. Sex sixty four year old Marius Hansen suffers from binge eating disorder, which has led him to eat several things at his work site, including toilet paper. Plastic syringes disposable diapers and even a couple of mop heads. Oh my gosh. He's a chance to question. All right. So we're going to have to go to a tie. We've gone to a tie-break we have tons. And by the way, we ever going to tiebreaker perfect over per. Per let everybody know today, by the way shack that guy that guy on the windows. Good that guy who set you up today, by the way up there at CBS sports radio in New York. My network studios, by the way, that's my new boss just became my new boss yesterday. So be really nice to David. Nope. You'd better not do anything stupid because I'm telling you that national shows as well. They'll do anything stupid should look like I mean, don't be like that United pilot. Not that there's any attractive woman in there with you this. We haven't heard anything. But that doesn't mean. Microphones you just enjoy the cuddle time. I remember my interview a lot of these stories, obviously came from the World Wide Web. So our tie-break if you go to Huffington Post, and you search weird news, okay? How many stories show up on the front page? The Nobile on your just. We're just going with the closest so if you go to Huffington you're on your phone right now, Joe, we may have a sexy assistant doing it for. Where she will kill you. It's not how many stories are on the website. I narrowed it down. News stories on the first page of weird news to go. First fourteen Johnson's fourteen don't be counting. I can hear you. You're taking your shoes off right now to count. I said fourteen eighteen. What was that sounded like like Siri Siri? Women. Boy, you did again. All right. Well, the correct answer is twenty four so. Change myself. Oh, no. What is it? Now. Let me see what we got now. All right here. I got the boogeyman theme song. Both. Boy total down enough. Kiss the rain. Have you beat me this year? He has not. I didn't realize. But it's like forty minutes to get to the music. And and. I love this. But the intro goes on forever. Have you heard the weezer remake of this? Van called? We made this good kind of weird. Soccer bed can pull off. All right. Wait, nine hours to get to the lira. I know here. Gergo shack may be moving to Chicago trying to find a sexy beast to be. Code of. Live good singing, baby. Maybe she could be the one who knows coach shack can be real fig. But maybe she is those strong one willing to take his heart and. Keeping his skin Jew. And you never know until shack texture right before the show. Boy. Man. I guess it rains down. Going to take the time to do things. gmaiLcom? Hey, get in touch with us make your submissions job. Yes. You ever good imagination? I have a great imagination. I'm Morgan Murphy's, New York, and you come pick mimea, burn new car.

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