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D. B. O.. welcome back right. Marc Thiessen wrote me an email that is calm but I was way anymore. he writes for The Washington Post American enterprise institute is perspectives are invaluable they come from a learning area to former President Bush speech writer and he also has his iron he's got this great memory and a great Lexus nexus he realized his whole look into the background of the Ukraine in the U. S. states prior to what they're saying happened July twenty fifth mark welcome back. right so mark you right did Democrats double standard what is sentiment does Dick Durbin and sent away Hey like he did too when requested Ukraine. almost got it got almost no attention is only like one news story about this on CNN in in and very innocuous back in may of this year the the the three senators wrote a letter to the to the prosecutor general of Ukraine demanding that you re open for investigations related to the mall or pro and they and they implied very clear very clearly in the in the letter that their support for aid to Ukraine with the state they said look we're strong supporters of of Ukraine engagement and we voted for what they call the capacity building support but we are extremely disappointed in your shutting down the investigation that we demand that you re opened we just need to make one or what they didn't say or what but the implication is very clear right so they mentioned eight early will see of the transcript of Donald Trump says he didn't mention it when he asked for them to reopen an investigation so literally these three democratic senators did exactly what they are accusing Donald Trump up in fact they did get more cost precisely than what the then what Donald Trump allegedly did when he asked them to re open an investigation into into occupied so let's check but hunter Biden aside for second in the new president and the July twenty fifth this happened in may so what's the difference between the two and but not about to get a chance eight at ten AM I'll be able to go over the transcript all rights in order to ten AM but I'm looking through it are right now I'm not going to I'm going to keep with the embargo but at ten AM war eastern time because we have a Philly soul country will be able to go into detail on it but a good do you do your assessment use you've seen this political climate you're here in Washington every day you write for The Washington Post. where is this whole thing go mark I think that this is a disaster job but and you know because I mean look I again I do see that you've seen the transcript I haven't seen it we had none of us have seen the whistle blower account but if the Democrats want to and have an investigation access center Kennedy was on on but the show last night before I came on and he said there's going to be an investigation of the press and there's going to be an investigation of the vice president and he's absolutely right so I would not be surprised to see Senate Democrats and Republicans calling up hunter Biden. I would not be surprised if they call up a bunch of the nonpartisan epic dextral personal Obama officials to testify as to whether or not they warned of pro life president Biden that said that his son the investment in a involvement in Burris ma was a conflict of interest because it was. the prosecutor completely right hunter Biden final on to work for a natural gas company four days after Joe Biden the vice president came to Ukraine and urge them to increase natural production all stepped up pressure from from Russia to literally four days later he joined the company that the conflict of interest then you bring in the prosecutor he fires the prosecutor everybody I know is that the prosecution of empire that he was corrupt the I MF it saying that the US government was saying a lot of allies were saying it by. the US government ethics regulations which five thousand by David you cannot even you cannot take official action if there is a if there is could even be an implication that you're doing it for other than than the right reason but there is a conflict of interest so she should not have been the point man on your plane you should not have been put the one question for the firing of the of the of the prosecutor because it created the appearance of a conflict of interest even if everything Biden says is true that he did he did it for the right reasons it was still a violation of the law and that's all going to come out. public and it's gonna be university professors who are experts in ethics people who are absolutely unimpeachable a non partisan we're gonna say that Joe Biden had a conflict of interest and should not have been involved in the firing of the prosecutor mark couple other things you talk about by then in two thousand sixteen eight oh bragging that vice president threatened with hold a billion dollars in loan guarantees and with the swagger and by the way oblivious to how bad this could potentially make him look so yeah I mean that this couldn't come back to haunt him but I guess he thought he'd be a compliant press but then this weekend a totally I've never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings when his son admitted into New York interview they expressed concede that his father expressed concern about the verismo post at least once quote dad said I hope you know what you're doing and I said I do. so another goal. he lied he said he never discussed with the thought that they did this got that and not only that it's it's it's so dishonest because even say say that because maybe he and his son didn't have a long conversation about it or if you have a heart to heart about it but in that New Yorker article it it could just be I'll bomb our energies are as safe as having come to vitamins raised issues about his son the bald man in the company so he was warned before he fired the prosecutor your before you buy the right and on top of that the New York times had it had a had a report here before saying how how hunters involvement in response was undermining Biden anti corruption message and even cornered somebody from the office saying it had no impact so that means that he is easy here his flight but that he didn't know what he was oblivious to what is some of do it and I read this on Monday and you have the quote here in your column today in twenty in December twenty fifteen by prepared to go to the Ukraine his aides braced for renewed scrutiny of hunter's relationship with prisma Amos Holstein the Obama administration's special envoy for energy policy raise the matter with biting quote that's a month the New York Times published an article about how hunters business dealings Ukraine undermined the VP's anti corruption message which quoted a buying spokesperson say in a no win back so the Obama people worried about if they were free to approach the vice president. because it was just someone else trails personal family stuff if you read through that whole New Yorker story because some of the people saying how they they really didn't like to come and talk to buying about the problems with his son because he wouldn't get mad he get stacked and he would sort of you know take a deep breath inside of me felt like they were actually hurting him when they when they had to raise the stakes hunter Biden and this is the other thing is that when this investigation happens after but it's such a severe brain. going to be. and we'll have you back John Roberts next. this is news ninety six point five W. 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