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And you another briefing on grain sorghum. In six for you growers as we push forward into the latter part of the growing season and there's a headliner there will mention right off the bat here shortly as we talk once. More with crop into tamala gist. Jeff whitworth of k. state research and extension. He's out and about working field plots today. Take some time to talk with us right here about among other things jeff the confirmation at least. That's what you're hearing of sugar cane eighth in a part of kansas. What's the story. Yes as you know in kansas right now we have all different growth stages of sorghum probably more so not seen this time of year in past years that i don't know if it's the weather or late planning or combination thereof but we do have cross at least north central and south central part of the state we have a lot of diversity in stages of growth and sorghum. I was in some Just a couple of days ago to only knee high and just really late planet sore them but still looks like it's pretty good guys still have good hopes for it and now we just last couple of days i started getting calls And getting pictures. Also sure kate As a brief history of the sugar cane eight-foot we i detect them in kansas. I think in the fall of probably two thousand thirteen two thousand fourteen. They weren't bad. Two thousand fifteen two thousand sixteen. They were really problematic. They actually 'cause a lot of problems at that time. We really didn't know how to deal with them. We really didn't know if they were going to be a problem now. We didn't know they were gonna come back every year. But since then we've learned that come back every year fortunately in kansas. They don't over winter in the state at least there subtropical or tropical insect so in the fall although they continued to migrate in clear up intel tober depending on the weather. They don't over winter which helps a lot early season. Because the nervous season We don't have a problem with sugar cane. It's now just like i said in the last couple of days gotten word that circe nathan's are being detected. Some south central kansas counties kellyanne surgery in some some of those counties but they're not at treatable levels yet. At least i've not heard of any that have reached a treatment threshold so apparently they're just getting started. And as you know they're coming up from west texas and oklahoma on southern breezes or south winds have been getting reports from some of my buddies in west texas that they've been up there Probably for two or three weeks. So it's just a matter of time before the south wind blew in the kansas. And they're here now. I've not heard of any north of highway fifty but they will actually migrate throughout the rest of the state. I would assume on south winds the thing about the sugar cane a food. It's a yellow eight put has black corals or so pipes and black feet generally when they first migrated in you can find to wing ones on the top of elif but generally in the colonies. Little start on the underside of leave. And you'll find a few of the adults. Eight.

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