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Is that? Well, because I mean, I mean, I guess I'm a little older than most of the call. I'm graduate student six and remember, you know Clinton's administration and what they did with immigration. Democrats stance was. I think it's kinda interesting. And this one right there. This is the most frightening one of all I am a little bit older than the students. I'm twenty six I remember Clinton life did not start the day. Obama became guided office as president. I am not like the other students on the campus. I am not brainwashed. It's an amazing admission. It really is. And this is what we're up against. We're up against people who. By no fault of their own have been conditioned. Who have been mis educated who have been liberalized. And this is why I really I fear for the Republic because the ones who do watch the television. They're probably watching MSNBC or CNN there watching the view. Maybe not maybe they're just watching Steve Colbert. They're watching Jimmy Kimmel there watching the night shows like their parents did. But when their parents juice, look at those shows, those shows were entertainment. It was comedy. It was funny. Now, it's propaganda. Not a president's going to address the nation tonight is going to dress a nation at seven o'clock talking about a what is going on in the border. We are going to cover his presentation his address to the nation live, and we're also going to cover the Democrats response live, and then I'm going to open up the phone lines and get your reaction to what we learn. But in in getting ready for the president's address. I want to take some time. And have you here? Once again in their own words, prominent Democrats, who these college students miss took for for President Trump because the language was so harsh it was so negative. It was so rude. It was so discriminatory. It was ratio. It was jingle was it was de humanizing. Well, that's what they said when they thought it was President Trump. But the reality is we've had Democrats who have been talking about border security for the last twenty years you'll hear them again. Five twenty.

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