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He will visit Beijing at a later date to open another round of talks aimed at resolving other sticking points checking a crash should in Norwalk it's a one of five ease connector to the north down six oh five an injury accident has that transition road completely shut down cruise around the scene you ride busy coming away from bellflower Boulevard Irwindale six so five south before you get to Ramona solo parts finance in the right lane see it being a tow truck around seeing here double trouble elision park one ten south STD away reckon the two right lanes CT figure function upper Avenue twenty six and five south before the one ten another solo parts but not the two right lanes as Jim things up from stadium white silver like one on one north Vermont cocked up cars in the left lane it'll slow down here as you make away from Silverlake Boulevard KFI in the sky helps get you there faster I'm wrong in Dublin say hello to the first forecast of twenty twenty it's up next wow is it in new directions for women wants to help you or a loved one lives beyond addiction if you've been waiting for a new chapter to get sober what better time than now give yourself or a family member a fresh start this January with new directions for women by dialing pound two fifty and saying the word recovery that's pound two five zero and saying recovery new directions for women dot org a no recovery when you don't come to fifty you'll have the option receiving auto dialed the text message from my heart media the following is based on a true story this can't be happening friends are coming over this evening in the sink is clogged okay let me try the.

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