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But there are blacks hate to. I don't know what triggered this. But did this guy have degrees and all sorts of Because look at the guy. There's another one now. His father. They just What was that winter for Lawrence? I just heard that on your news. Another one. They just arrested him. 19 year old kid. He killed his father. It was done. I think that this that incident I believe was somewhere in the South Shore. Yeah, because I don't know what's going more and more of these things are happening. And I think people are in spite of his hatred because a lot of mistakes Sometimes I hate I get frustrated, too. And I'm not saying it's right. Right, right. But but you may get angry or whatever, but I don't think you're going to steal a truck. Dr. Driving it down the street. Oh, he may be on drugs. He may have been doing this. We don't know. And I know that and that's why I'm saying I want to know. I want it all to come out normally, when when someone does something like this, and they've been arrested. The default position for the district attorney always is, we really can't say much because the trial is pending. Well, there's going to be no trial for this guy. This guy is dead. Yeah, I do agree with you. There should be less revolving. I mean, some people do break mistakes and over a few times and get help, and I feel bad that there's death on both sides. I wish they could have just stopped him and arrested him. It's a shame it's too bad that happened. And thanks for calling to get enjoyed speaking and we'll keep in touch. Thanks so much. Have a great care. Bye bye. Let's get mark in Worcester in here. Mark corrected, sir. Good evening. Um I'm going to look at this from a little different angle that the kid the perpetrator. I'm wondering if after he was arrested booked if they took a sample of his blood he was he was never arrested and booked. He was He was shot on the scene and killed by okay, went through a police officer. But the car and take a sample of his blood. Even though he was dead. They could. Yeah, they do An autopsy. Absolutely. There is. The reason I'm saying is to find out what types If any And what types of what level of some medications that he might have possibly been on at the time. That he, uh, did this Uh, yeah. I mean, someone raised earlier. The possibility of medication. Someone raised earlier. The possibility of drugs. There's been there's been invaded history. They have a psychiatric history never been arrested. Never. Not that we're aware of no prior criminal record. I'm talking about the psych history. No, no psych history of which I am aware. That you're aware of. Okay. All right. Have a good night. All right. Good night, Mark. Thanks for adding those comments are going to take a quick break here Right now. I have wide open lines. I've got everybody in If you want to continue this for a while, you gotta call now. If not when we come back. I'm going to change topics. 617254 10 30 Triple 89 to 1930, of course, and the ladies lining 617. 931 10 30. My name is Dan Ray. This is a Monday night warm Monday night here keeping your company and we're talking about this horrific double murder. In winter, um to black Americans, Um, shot and killed by 28 year old white guy and the district attorney in Suffolk County has been raised raise some serious questions, And I think that That some of the concerns that she has from what what we know about this guy and again it's early is that he did engage in some Writings that seemed to be contemporaneous, which the district attorney said shows a a bias. Uh and perhaps even something more worse than a bias. A hatred towards, um People who were Jewish and also people who were black. I think we need to get everything out here on the table. There was a profile done on this couple in the Boston Globe. Last August, and they came across in that profile in the Boston Globe as an extraordinarily kind couple. And now the I'm saying nothing about his wife. Um, but this profile Was more of the bride and her grandfather and a love story. It was the headline and the The Wedding between this couple took place. At the Oakdale Rehabilitation and skilled nursing center in West Boylston. In order to accommodate a 92 year old grandfather, who himself was a a Marine Corps veteran. So when I read the story from last August, 3rd, which is pretty accessible, a bride, her grandfather and a love story. Um, the killer here, Nathan Allen. Came across as um Pretty nice guy. Talked about his wife his wife to be. She loves him so much referring to her grandfather. Um, it's really important to her that he is present at the ceremony. This was one of the things that pushed us to have it sooner rather than later. Who knows what's going to happen in the future with the quarantine? He's a great guy. It's a great story. Well, um Mhm less than a year later. The man who seemed to be as sensitive as that. Um And who, I guess, um, a year ago in February. Um, in 2000 and 20. While his wife was attending a Bernie Sanders rally in Boston. This guy was home, um, cleaning the house. Um And he, um Basically Um, designed a a wedding proposal for her. Um And She? She's quote in the article say she looked down and Nathan this now guy who 15 months later killed two innocent people on his knees. With this ring, it's the most perfect ring in the world is pretty much identical to the one my dad proposed. I mean, it sounds like a A perfect love story. Um, you got to read this article. And and yet we know what went down in winter. If you'd like to continue the conversation, you have the numbers. If not, we will change topics. 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