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Have a description of the vehicles and the man who pointed the gun, which may have been a shotgun or pistol with a silencer, chief tower says they have not seen such a brazen carjacking like this before. In hyattsville, Kyle Cooper, WTO news. Hyundai and Kia are telling owners of their vehicles of more than 571,000 SUVs in minivans to park them outside because the toe hitch harnesses can catch fire while their parked or being driven. The Korean automakers say in documents posted today by U.S. safety regulators, water can get into a circuit board on the hitches and cause a short circuit even if the ignitions are off. Hyundai has reports of one fire and 5 heat damage incidents with no injuries, Kia doesn't have any reports of fires or injuries. Owners will be notified starting May 16th on how they can get it fixed for a list of the affected vehicles check out WTO P dot com in search recalls The newest potential bidder for the Washington commanders is a Canadian billionaire. Steve apostolopoulos is a Toronto native who is the managing partner of a Toronto based commercial real estate firm. He is also cofounder of a privately owned real estate investment firm. There were numerous published reports that apostolopoulos toward the Washington commander's facility recently. Apostolopoulos father Andreas, who died in 2021, made his fortune in real estate and his fire sale purchase of the silverdome former home of the Detroit Lions made international headlines in 2009. A

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