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Windsor Police Department. The incident resulted in the department crackdown and the firing of the lead officer in that traffic stop. The most senior enlisted soldier and the U. S Army is supporting the lieutenant saying that he represented himself and our army well through his calm, professional response to the situation. The Windsor Police Department outside Richmond says they are putting all of their officers through additional training. Because of this incident, ABC Stevenson Some e filing that report. Vice President Harris says prayers are not enough after the police shooting death of Wands, Right, Minnesota on Twitter, she Twitter she posted that right should still be with us. Now. The country needs justice and healing right, was shot and killed by a Brooklyn center police officer Sunday during the traffic stop. The officer identified as 26 year old Kim Potter, Harris argued rights family needs to know why their child is dead, ending. They deserve answers. His death has sparked consecutive nights of protests. The Tennessee bureau investigation says the suspect in yet another shooting at a Knoxville high school was killed by police Sarah Bartlett with story authorities say it was suspected that a male student in the restroom at Austin East Magnet High school Monday was armed when police approached him. He reportedly did not comply with the officer's demands. And opened fire, hitting an officer. Police then returned gunfire and the student was killed. Officials say the officer was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. Sarah Bartlett, NBC NEWS radio News is sponsored by Compassion International for kids in Poverty around the world things they're still desperate. Join compassion International.

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