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Support of the federal government five long term care facilities been hit with case including facility in Kirkland Kirkland Washington eighteen residents are dead in that facility alone the mortality rate is shocking said mark Parkinson president and chief executive officer of the American health care association a Washington DC based trade group now it should be somewhat comforting me not to people who are older obviously that's people are younger than the death rates among young are deliberately low particularly among children so maybe it should be somewhat comforting US Surgeon General said as much today thank you so young people are more likely to die of the flu then coronavirus if you are a child or young adult you are much more you're more likely to die from the flu if you get it then you are to die from corona virus so there's something about being young that is protective we want people to be reassured by that we want people to know that we are really focusing in on those routes go those are groups that are at highest risk for complications and helping them understand how to be safe right now all of that happens to be true a lot of that happens to be true it also happens to be not particularly comforting for people who are older the Dow Jones industrial average has been struggling all day to find what exactly its bottom is in the absence of of good information it is absolutely unclear you know exactly where the act where the economy's bottom is you just don't know you don't know it's been up and down pretty dramatically all day it's like the very beginning of the day nearly a thousand points and then it proceeded to drop all the way down to even below where it was yesterday and then proceeded to rise a little bit again help yeah it's nobody knows anything is the bottom line because nobody knows anything decisive action is going to be preferred by the American public in the absence of more information right now I know what with all of that said it is good to know that the people at slate are truly focusing in on the important things about coronavirus article by rich Jews we act should I pause my open marriage because the coronavirus I literally do not know who was who who writes these letters I mean I guess you're at okay here is the act what is here is a letter from a risky business to slate is slated I don't know what's going on is late is the same magazine the same online magazine and printed a letter just a couple of weeks ago about a sister whose brother one to be part of a threesome with or never like well maybe it's okay slate man slippages dear how to do it my husband and I have an open marriage my mother is immuno compromised is it unreasonable to ask my husband that's once lived with his girlfriend until the corona virus was over well I mean priorities are priorities and then years later answer as someone who uses a hand rail on each set of stairs I traverse I understand you can never be too safe given China's apparent success in slowing the virus by isolation measures there's an argument to be made for social distancing limiting exposure to crowds is one way to help mitigate the disease as Vanderbilt infectious disease expert William Shatner explained to The New York Times if you can stretch things out long enough to buy more time for the development of a vaccine and the research to be done for treatment so far I've yet to see public health official weigh in on limiting one's exposure to his girlfriend to be safe you could ask your husband you sell also be safe make sure none of you leave the house for any reason whatsoever where gas mask constantly and apply hand sanitizer so often your skin is never not cleaning with an alcoholic do or you could just live your life and follow basic public health advisories and then they get into public Saxon oh my god and then that the left really the the social left I think they're really on top of the the priorities of the matter not calling this a little handful in making sure that your husband can sleep with his girlfriend good stuff very very solid stuff all right in just a second we'll get to more on corona virus and the latest news breaking about it first let's talk about how important it is for you to know the numbers at your business successful companies know that in order to run a successful business you really have to be on top of your date and that means you have to have it all at hand I don't want you to make sure he can look at it bird's eye view down in the details in the nitty gritty this is why you need that sweet by oracle that's we give you the tools you need to accelerate growth with that's we get a full picture of your business finance inventory H. our customers more it's everything you need to grow all in one place directly from your phone or computer that's we will give you the visibility and the control you.

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