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I think the biggest thing didn't change we still weren't they're still there still was like the marriage threshold. We crossed a few weeks ago. At least for me. It was different. Something shifted their. That didn't shift when we simply got engaged. Yeah interesting yeah. I mean i think both are thresholds right and one is more kind of sealing the deal even more and i will tell you this is sylvia shared this with me and she There was morning that she had to go through actually to me as well in my own way but she had to go through some morning. There was a giving up a And i think this is. I think our culture doesn't make space for this for for women and men to grieve the life we had when we step into marriage. I think sylvie there was deep deep stuff that she had to processing go through to on her way into this container of marriage with me. Yeah i think that's true for a lot of people. There's a because it is a letting go right him. Letting go of certain level of me myself and i and independence and it's my way i can do whatever the fuck wants and then for some people. It's also letting go of future partners or future potential sexual relationships. There's a lot there they'll go. I'm not choosing that choosing this person. That's right in and and you know i'm choosing a human being. I'm letting go of whatever fantasy mate too. I had envisioned. You know whatever whatever night white knight in shining armor thing or damsel in distress in my case you know the the perfect. The perfect goddess. That doesn't actually exist. But i think a lot of buoys harbor in fantasy. Sivvy's fucking amazing and she's humid. Just as i am just as i am. There's there's ways that we disappoint each other regularly in our human our humanity completely which is good so that you can grow human being right exactly. That's nice greetings listeners. Thanks for listening. Are you new to the relationship school or my work If you're new you'll probably want to head over to relationship school dot com slash group to join our free private facebook community..

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