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Let's find out about this guy right here. From the golden ticket class of 2021. He has appeared on this show several 1000 times, but never during a smack off. Much to the dismay of everybody not named James Philip Rome. My man. Your enemy, Matt in L. A Matt. You made it your in your on. Give them hell, Matt. Drums bomb You're welcome involved in Hollywood says kid a lot because he lived a lot like a kid. I mean, dudes frequently carded for his brass monkey and then very sour cream makes the Fastness Rumor has it. He was all set to play Arnold in the new, different strokes, pilot. However, this fully for Gezi and it's so tough guy persona is about as believable as is LeBron James. Here in life, Dude put an act his way out of the scooter parking ticket, much less on to an actual Hollywood film set. So you were getting like, drink and kick rocks, Carcel switching gears. I couldn't help but notice that joke Allergic Bob Melvin and his opening days have been hotter than I way. Craig Barrel Roasted Siegel's But I had to do a double take watching them on the tube. The other night, I couldn't figure out why neck and Hitman's likeness was plastered on Laureano shoulder blade. However, upon further review, noted that over from the top, you know you don't like that. I don't like that car, not a very good car. Matt. Against the hopes. Against the wishes of everybody in the history of this program, I put you on I got you on on the big stage, and it was even one of those deals Where wore up against it. It's the end of the hour, man. Just slam that in there, Dude, I gave you runway. I gave you real estate. I put you on the big stage. And what did you do the very thing that I said not to do for the past two weeks. Not have a solid connection. You didn't get on that hard line your phone quality cost you My man. I'm not going to tell you how this thing is scored because that's not what you do when you watch a fight. The judges don't show their scores after every single round. But my man you are looking up at a dog. You are finishing behind a dog. How does that happen? Matt? Went over this every bleeping day for weeks. And then I give you your shot when everybody hated me because they hate you. And then you do that, man. Come on, dude. Do better. Be better. Who's showing up now. Let me get you Some reaction like to check in to see what's going on. I know this. We are still trending number one nationally on Twitter. Nice job clones, hashtag everything smack off Kevin in the Coachella Valley. Run that clown, Matt. Same call is any other call? I did. It was And I did, Jared, ensconced in. Imagine the cable that five k can buy. Talk about changing lives. Hashtag smack off. Cajun rock in tweets. Tell Matt to take his mask off and the hot dog out of his mouth before calling. I am Alex Alvarez tweets. Holy bleeping Crap. Mark in Boston has ripped it from Vic and no cow hashtag smack off. All right, So he's slots Mark in Boston over Vic. How are you? Slotting? This thing keeps score as you go hashtag at all smack off. Gave Alvarez it's over. It's over mark in Boston wins Hashtag smack off. Yeah, that's funny. Except we haven't heard from Brad. We haven't heard from left. We haven't heard from Mark in Hollywood. Nothing is over yet. Yes, As long as you hashtag it smack off, though. At CMC number one Rick in Buffalo number two. Who cares? Rick is the best one so far, hashtag smack off. I love it. That's what I love about the event. That's what I love about today. Some of you are saying it's over. It's over. Mark wins and some of you were saying nothing else matters. Give it to Rick..

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