Official, Ukraine, Poland discussed on Sean Hannity


Sir we've been down in the secret deposition meeting rooms graduated performance today later this afternoon I should note that the public that we will be back down in the basement of the capitol doing more of the secret depositions I don't really have very many questions for you humidity in your opening statement you don't have any first hand knowledge of the issues that were looking into I do want to talk a little bit about senator Grassley very briefly I assume that you know who senator Grassley is yes Sir I do do you believe that the senator Grassley is a serious and credible elected official I have no reason to think otherwise were you involved in the July twenty fifth trumps Lynskey phone call or preparations for the call no I was not were you involved in the deliberations about the possum military sales to Ukraine as the trump administration reviewed newly elected president the one skis commitment to corruption reforms for the delay in for the pause pause no I was on were you involved in the proposed council in ski later penciling ski meetings in Warsaw Poland on September first did you ever talk to president trump in two thousand nineteen no I have not Mick Mulvaney no I have not thank you ambassador exactly.

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