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Here now is brandon crawford the infield comes in for the padres all the way around trying to cut off anymore scoring for the giants crawford left handed hitter facing the left and he takes a slider in the dirt outside all one crawford has really struggled throughout the first month of the season hitting only one ninety one and the only has three runs batted in which is rather stunning because he'd been one of the giants most reliable rbi men for the last couple of years here's the stretch and here's the pitch high and tight and profited a lean back away from that to seam fastball so it's a kind of to donata brandon crawford crawford with runners in scoring position is hitting only one hundred two for twenty in these big spots you definitely need a hit right here to get a run batted in though to an pitch swing and a line drive foul and that was a fastball right down the middle and ninety one miles an hour he was waylaid on it i think that's been part of the people who study these things looking at the pitch charts at what he's been hitting a not heading in that sort of thing and he's often been swinging at bad pitches and we pointed that out in the past but the pitches that he normally jumps on and kloppers he's not been hitting those either and we just saw an example of that too and the count here's the pinch that is a fastball of the outside corner strike to call got a couple of fastballs and the fat one was one he did not hit he he found it took the next one which was on the outside edge doubted third jackson a check of the infield in the outfield backed up to a two pitch swing and events he struck it out with a slider.

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