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McAllen Texas Prada Philip K. U. R. V. I'm Sergio Sanchez always proud so honored to fill in for friend Dana lash and she's taking the day off hopefully getting some rest this long weekend and happy Memorial Day weekend friend patriot please please do your part to tell your kids your niece nephew three grand kids help how privileged how wondrous how beautiful it is to be to be called an American citizen the live in this the greatest country on earth it is not perfect it can't be perfect man it's is run by human beings I mean it if we were as perfect I guess angels we would need this type of oversight but she well as I just it is as far as human governance and government it's it's not as good as it's going to get and it's not perfect and and let's all work together to the perfected to make it better this beautiful Republic that we enjoy the nice states of America that was bought with a name a very very heavy price the blood of untold millions of euros throw for centuries to bring us to this point so on Memorial Day which I'm planning again Alastor didn't look for doing this year I I suspect here in McAllen just like many other places across the country there likely won't be too many observances because after all many of these veterans the kind of up there in age and they're being smart about sheltering themselves and staying away from people having not having too many people read on them because they know what the what kind of nastiness or court ignorance being briefed on the they're they're out there there might not be too many events to mark this Memorial Day but all patriots calling all pages you guys should it's on Monday take the time there's likely a memorial somewhere in your community a full slabs of marble and statues and go reflect go read and share with your children how blessed they are to be called an American citizen and here at the border what war I'm not hearing good Mexican border yeah we continue to see by the thousands individuals are trying to come into this country illegally and they want they want they want a piece of this they they want a piece of of this dream I wish that the politicians who advocate for their illegal entry would do a better job and going back to the country of origin and telling those people they wanted to do a better job taking care of your own one into a doctor the ideas of liberty prosperity and capitalism that allowed us to prosper wanted to apply that on the ground in your act to protect protect your people but not nobody ever nobody ever pointed finger back to Central America the finger back to Mexico finger back to South America affect the finger back to Africa nobody ever does that no it's always America bad orange man bad and T. emigre nobody anti immigrant immigrant its anti illegal immigration we need to preserve our country preserve the rule of law and I'm here to these laws and processes and procedures if if at the very least for the sake of being fair to all those who have through the years and the decades gone through the process don't you think they've gone through the process to pay their dues pay their attorneys pay their fees right up all the applications take your citizenship classes and personal becoming naturalized waiting their turn in line every country every society in my opinion every single one of them have the capacity because of the human potential is identical it's the same they have a yearning for the drive to work to prosper did to do something better to be better it's the same deep south of the border in those caravans they're still try but the bed waiting for an opportunity get in here it's the same as it is right here they need to fix the situation on the ground with their government weather coming okay enough enough about that I let me I got plenty of information this covert nineteen such things are changing for us it's it's open up Texas day it's it's Friday this week in Texas we opened up the gymnasiums and some of the work out places in that was on Monday in fact when we open that up twenty five percent capacity I don't know when they they threw all that up I know what's throttling up at fifty percent capacity today is the restaurants at the the sit down restaurants so we might see a few more date nights the movie theaters they're still close I think this is a great opportunity for anybody who has still owns big screen out there somewhere maybe fire up the movie in place something fun I liked something your wife would like like dirty dancing I I'm sorry I probably will find a lot of people maybe even Dan I'm sorry did I hate against or maybe show some like like the notebook she is I hate that movie but Hey if somebody were to show up like in a drive and drive through theater here in Deep.

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