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And so for Alicia gray, I think she may be, she may be able to get out and I think it's good, it's good work by her agent to get this out now before free agency begins. So teams can start thinking, hey, at least gray wants out, you look at Dallas's situation, Marina mabry, and tier McAllen are restricted free agents who look like they're going to get some good offers. So if that happens and it comes down to a decision between, hey, we got to keep mabry or gray. Obviously great doesn't want to be here. Maybe we can help her out and get her to a team that she wants to be at, provided that that team has assets that we want. There you go. That's a big piece of it, right? I mean, it can't just be where you want to go. It's very, you know, the team that your eyeing, where you fit on that team, right? Right. And what they can, what they can give up or what they're willing to give up. If there was anything, like some teams want to stay pat, right? Because, you know, the salary cap and everything else, they want to make sure that they're status quo with that stuff, right? Well, and continuity wins. The team had just talked about. They're great team, great talent, but they've been together for years now. And it's a second year, Chelsea gray, and that's really what kind of propelled them to being the great team that they were. So I think most teams are going to factor in continuity, but the question is, also, for the wings, I think Richard Cohen brought stuff on Twitter. Do you really want draft picks here? Because what did graphics do for Dallas needs to Dallas needs to move it along? They did start winning now. They do. So I don't think draft picks works. Are you looking at players that can help you win now today? And how many, how many teams are going to like, what teams are going to give that up for Alicia gray might be a good swap, but you're not going to say probably not going to be saving money and you probably not can get a really high end player because if a really high employer is happy where they are, you probably want to keep them. What are you doing? Yeah. What are we really talking about? Exactly. So let me throw out some ideas here just to see if we can. One of these spots that she wants to be at, let's see if it makes if it works out, right? So in Washington, I mean, it's tough because they don't, they don't have a ton of people on roster. And the players that they do have are kind of non movable. I mean, obviously laying down on something moved. Would you would you think? Because the answer to me is no, but would you think if Dallas called and offer Alicia gray for aerial Atkins? Because I think no. My hesitation on that is more shock than it thought. I would tell you that. Now, and no disrespect. I love girls. No, I love gray. But I just think that Ariel Watkins, you know, the Olympic gold medalist, and I know gray won one with the three V three team. So they both want to go. But at the same time, I just think Ariel Atkins fits the system for Mike T Bo, I'm sorry, oh my God, Eric T bone. Eric, father of dean. In Michael. I thought he was going to name him Gabe, Gabe. Well, you know, you guys are boys. You know, but he is such a sweetheart. And I saw just getting off the track for like two seconds. I saw Mike Tebow at a recent wizards practice. And I just gave him the biggest congratulations. He and Nancy and Carly and the new auntie up there head coaching at Fairfield, Eric's sister. And so he just said it was an amazing thrilling moment for their family. So just sending lots of love to the tebows. And oh my gosh, he is such a little nugget. He's a sweetheart. Yeah, so congrats to Eric Andrea with their new bundle of boy. Yeah, so I mean, yeah, sorry, we were going to say that at some point, but fumbled I fumbled and said, Mike TiVo, you know, I got to fix that. I gotta rewire myself to say Eric, but I just think that Ariel Atkins just fits what the mystics do, right? Yeah. Three and D, but the way that she plays defense is just, it's uncommon. The way that she forces her will on opponents on the defensive side of the ball. And she's going to crack your head on the offensive side too, and don't get it twisted. She's not just a three point shooter. Although she's in the 40 percentile, I think or high 30s at the end of the season. But low 40s, high 30s is still a clip, okay? For aerial Atkins. But I thought that the ability of her to gain access to the drives and finishes and get herself to the free throw line. It means she made a concerted effort. In the off season to say that's what I want to do better. I want to get to the second. The first and second levels are already know, I'm going to be there for kickouts because I'm usually on that same left side because she's a lefty, but she's on that same left side with Elena delle donne. Della donne loves that left block. And I love to set her there. And dominates that lip balm. And dominate right there, but I mean, that's smart, right? Because then you have Ariel Atkins in the corner or Ariel Atkins lifting to fell on your extended in the slot.

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