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Matt kenseth will return to nascar this season and a reunion with rows fenway racing it was announced on wednesday in charlotte north carolina that's the team that gave him his cup start in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight kansas will split the number six four were trevor bayne who has been the full time driver of that car since two thousand fifteen kansas has sponsorship from wyndham hotels and resorts and his return will come next month at kansas speedway rows fenway racing did not announce wednesday how many racist kansas will drive well i mean i'm excited about all of it so i mean yeah it's not it's not like from middle last year till now there hasn't been an opportunity to go do some things but it just you kind of know when when something feels right and certainly to come back and hopefully hopefully help jack who's done so much obviously for my career hopefully get rose fenway racing running better again kenseth won a cup championship and to daytona five hundred dr for ralph fenway racing certainly i feel like are is on the upswing i think it's a a challenge for me that i'm i'm really looking forward to and and really not just the driving part but a lot of the the rest of it to to to hopefully get in there and and and get my hands dirty and and try to try to evaluate you know what we can do better and and you know what we're doing good what we can do better and go on from there so just just really all of it is just the timing i know you guys might seem weird but the timing was right and here's owner jack roush contacted mattis to see if he had an interest in getting involved with a limited program with objectives so that we set forth he is question.

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