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You know this is something that has been learned from others or you know maybe will not allow that will the starting point for me in the balls this is what I found in the world but if other people before I want to find out whether that was you know the last of the Manson learned on less than two years after getting out of prison terms one people and just basically long the robot will bother murders and they just bring information that had been reported before about parents who connections and and our actions more research is going on if these people live Manson eight Charles Manson like as flowers I was surprised you know we we've all heard the story so many times and much of it from watching the trial in reading about the trial and then helter skelter the book I was surprised that there are multiple different versions of the actual facts of what happened and you found at least four different versions of it and yeah and yeah it's pretty confusing at the trial followed closely especially if you go through it wasn't of one trial but I mean the first trial that's that's non one of Charles Manson's is immaculate will send them out Fabian Patricia Krenwinkel then there was a second trial of the state prison's tax what's involved while soon and then there were three or four more trial begins beach daily program and massive movie shooting Shea and daily and then a musician who spoke a couple weeks before okay Bobby onka and when you start comparing the story is not just about the actual crimes but how people got together and about see a lot of the weapons which is natural anyway but eventually if you look closely you know of a lot of them one discrepancies what let's see that actually transcript of a quote woman with lots of trials with non about and you know that's kind of like who twenty years with getting access a lot of times chasing transcripts down one of the trials of those Bobby balls await trial got back transcript if someone was found by another researcher what I think the public should not mine but all that stuff a massive wealth of information out there that I went through the line of duty but in a very different cultures and locally of two thousand hello well we'll get into some specifics here a moment talking with Tom o'neill about his book chaos Charles Manson the CIA and the secret history of the sixties.

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