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It's 7 19, and that makes it time for Joe gunman's stop of mine topics. Two things top of mind this morning. One is the Detroit Red Wings Alumni Association presents the annual Red Wings Alumni Golf Classic. And dinner. All happening. July Monday, July 12th and registration is somewhere on 10 30 11, and you're going to meet some of that great hockey players. From the Red Wings and other teams as well across the country. A couple 100 guys will show up and ladies as well, and there's going to be a golf offering. That's beautiful of the Oh curse golf course in Clarkston. Let me tell you you're gonna meet. I mean, actually, If I started with names, I'll forget everybody else. But you take Redmond, Larry Murphy, Darren Marquardt. Er only Uh, talk show host associated with the Red Wings these days. It does a great show on Friday nights at seven o'clock on WJR, That's all happening. July. 2nd get in touch with me, and I'll direct you how you can be a part of this, and the other thing is The spectrum Human services. Annual monthly. Newsletter that comes out the first of every month on your computer. And it doesn't cost much. We're well over $10,000 in money raised for spectrum for them. Joe Gannon sees no money touches no money, all for spectrum. All goes to them 1400 kids, They take care of every day here in the state of Michigan and the guy who can tell you how you can register your name. To receive this newsletter Donald the Hammer Schuster. Thank you, Joe. It's a newsletter that's filled with appliance repair, money saving and consumer alert tips and you can receive it for an entire year for a minimum $10 donation to Spectrum human services to get to Joe's monthly email list and sign up, Go online to Spectrum human..

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