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So mad. This even thing if feels like maybe this fake simon character which is weisenthal was getting more traction using the name blade on his random blockposts and maybe he got high on people just read his random shit and they weren't going to read it if he wasn't attached to this company right but also like. Why am i reading a blog from this company like like. I was giving cookbook. You know cookbooks recipes on a chef. Relax so this morning. I woke up and a bird chirping rap. Put out a little honey. Rose shut down to the witches. We don't tell me how to make this meatloaf and then when the hummingbird sat on my finger was realized. The world is all one me and my boyfriend recently split. How much tomato sauce literally. yeah. I just i mean. Maybe he was doing that. We play maybe he was like so. Yeah that helicopters in Now first let's talk about the president's job. No present is day. I'm like where's the helicopter. That order i just i feel like i bet you like companies like uber and lift it. They probably do have blogs. But it's who's actually reading these blogs. We've probably shouldn't be reading all right so they are very sneaky. Remember prompts wanting to strict every roddy. Insulin what did they trick. Everybody or willingly. Just walk into the meat grinder. No tricks people because when they were trying to get a guy bosh on it they had it in the app. And i believe this is it. No one twenty two that they wanted her. Yes on twenty two. I can't remember. I feel like i was yes on twenty two call and so prop twenty two. If you guys don't know was a prompt that was introduced to protect the gig economy. The people who drive for uber lift the when are treated like independent contractors. they're not afforded any health care. Not afforded any protection against you know liabilities on their job people injuring them. People assaulting them people harming their cars or their things And so basically what this would require. Is that uber was allowed to shell out some cash and actually take care of their employees so yes on twenty two because they wanted people to be defined as independent contractors so that they could wave a ton of liability. And if you don't know anything about uber honey is that they hate liability liability. Make me sick. our that's over. They don't they don't know liabilities. I mean even if you use the app you should know that they have protections to where if something happens to you in the uber. You're assaulted if anything happens. You have to go through private arbitration outwardly. Suber that's why you don't ever hear about uber's lawsuits because you have to go through private arbitration and they just pay people off and that's the reason why if you get an email this email. Brazil that uber randomly sent out the other day time. If your driver is no call nine one one girl your if your driver's drunk take the wheel. Will either you. Jesus because uber is not liable. Okay wow it's so but so incredibly fucked up. How like this whole new kind of like economy. That's cropped up since the internet like things like door dash and things like uber and the gig economy. It's just so fucked up how these companies can get away with so much bullshit because the laws in washington being made by literal dinosaurs have not caught up to the technology that these motherfuckers are using to use abusers and those dinosaurs are getting kickbacks from these. They're getting kicked base. So they're getting there is obviously. I feel like if you're a politician and you get to a certain amount of income. You should automatically not be able to do politics anymore because when you start having rich people mentalities you're not thinking the way that we need you to think in this country you know who made fun of for being a waitress and it's like brought. We need more waitresses enough in cognitively. Know how much more they know. How much toilet paper house. Bill calls on these oil tycoon. Fungus involved in government whatsoever. Please leave. I wish there was just like a bank account number that when you get to this point. The government's like ding ding ding. You actually have to leave. You gotta get the fuck out you son of a bitch. We ain't you now you can be in politics. If they're not the only fucking people in politics we do want a swath that represents the population and it does not represent the population all. Y'all got too much money. All y'all got way too much money to representing your home states. How you how you represent mississippi you a millionaire that don't make sense okay. Right and point about the persuasion thing was is that we open the uber app. At the time of voting. If you open uber east if you open uber it'll be like hey hetero uber we'd going issue a ride or whatever but also like vote. Yes on twenty two. Because if you don lubango shut down we will have no coins and remember to pick you up. Do you want that. You want to have to start drinking and driving again because we know you will. So yeah that's a fucking fat. Do you want a dui or do you want to on twenty two like it was manipulative. People do this kind of shape. So i i'm blade blade.

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