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And it turns out that that's, you know, Steve's uncle, really. So it was her friend, and I didn't even. Put it together until much later. You went to the wall. When I was a kid in eighth grade. We went to Washington DC memorial. Heavy right. Yeah. I've been there. Like I've been there couple times youthful. It's really something because it's just sort of sneaks up on your. Where's it? And then like, yes. And you kind of quiet down over there. And you never really see somebody who, you know. Is there feeling oh ways? Oh, I just. Yeah. It's devastating. I just read some story about Springsteen. Or like he's been like some story. I just read about Springsteen has been talking about a guy who was in a band when he was a kid in Asbury park. Who was the first guy who really impressed him as a singer. And he ended up. He's a local kid went to be at Phnom and was killed. And he's it was just a story about him bringing it up on stage and one of that guy's kids. You know heard about it and him in Bruce connected. And he you know, and he was able to get stories about his dad because his dad got killed when he was just a baby. But he's able to get Bruce. Tell them about his old man and stuff. Kinda sweet. Yeah. Yeah. Heavy man. So we're young to like it takes you to be sort of beyond that age to realise. How young eighteen is to be sent there onto that that fucking everywhere. I mean, nowadays and direct then and we didn't have a choice. No like, did you watch that can burn stock. You got about twenty hours. Now, you should watch it. Sounds like maybe I should the Vietnam war. Why Daryl we'll know? There was just I didn't know about it. You know, I kind of know about it. But like really the the whole history of we don't have talked about Vietnam. I don't know. I don't know enough about it to really talk. I didn't either. And then I watch Kim and a little bit. Yeah. I think I know everything, but my short-term memory's not great my long terms better. So I didn't retain there. So we didn't tell me how many brothers and sisters yet. I'm the youngest of four. Okay. They would they all end up doing. My my sisters. I'm the youngest by pharmacists, thirteen years older than me. Yeah. I'm closer in age to her son than she is. But we were always in the house leave accident. That, you know, somebody once said that to me, and my parents would like that's not true because my brother and sister. My my oldest my oldest brother my sister. They were like Irish twin's, your parents were like, whoa, we're going to just take it easy now and space these kids out, but but yeah, but they said you're not an accident. Why would they tell you you were I know? But you know, it's like thirteen years, it's pretty bad. They started young though. But you're happy accident since could maybe not I'm pretty. I think you're doing. I think they like me, but I started acting when I was a kid. I liked it. I want you. Performing in elementary school. But what they didn't let me though, like you had to be picked to do a part Catholic school person. Then I went to Catholic high school, then I went to Catholic college, which Catholic college Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles. Yeah. But you got a good education. Right. Even though I did the Jesuits are the the pretty good thinkers, and did you ever sort of like have to wrestle with telling them we?.

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