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Put on the order which I also didn't have because my whole routine is completed order because I've been on the road for a month and then I go to get coffee right after that right and I'm pretty sure sure that I had some dried Jisr knuckle hairs like a cinnabon going on so I'm literally like ordering at the coffee bean ripping like what might have been dry. Come out of my fucking knuckle Hollywood. That's nothing that's a little bit of hand Dandruff Dandruff baby you good around here man. Is that gross pretty bad. I'm looking around. It's all orthodox the Jews all around me in this coffee being too on O._J.'s running around. Sometimes I'll take Fairfax Jewish tour best S. Jewish friends right here with me Brad Newman today yeah sweet so he's also not. He's a great person doesn't matter what he is but I mean he is Jewish but I would be. I'd meet you who is next time. I actually not next. I WanNa do Mexican next then I wanNA do black when it's a little safer feel where you're going to be a reincarnation and then alad go I go probably you wish or half Jewish. You know get a little you know half jay out a little yeah. I would like to be a rich tapestry trigged ethnicities. It'll be fun yeah. I don't know how I think I'm old fashioned. I like a little bit more. It's easier for me to see like specificity. You know kind of like you know like you meet a guy who's like Guatemalan and you know you know and he's also I'm from Alabama or something you know or sometimes it's just it's interesting. It's just different you know I grew up my dad was so interested in the racial breakdown on of where we lived and the surround upset at me or throws that's probably the best thing to man you had to look at the hot Orthodox Jewish women and just think about the food that you're never gonNA get anywhere near. I never thought about that could be you could fall in love with one and make it. The focus of your entire life is not happening. They're not interested. I never thought about added Jewish girl. Tell me one time that she couldn't date or because their grandmother would be upset. You know and I don't think it hurt my feelings a little bit but <hes> but yeah I think it's I guess if I if they had an orthodox Jewish woman. I think it would be interesting but I feel like they don't like me. Sometimes when I see him you know don't probably they don't they're not exposed to anything besides their little world yeah so I feel like they don't really anybody yeah yeah. They like to keep it real real specific again <hes> but you're just as foreign to them as any other race because you're not a no yeah yeah I think being something like a Mennonite or an Orthodox Jew or somebody that saw you know somebody that's using candles and stuff a lot. Um It just. Can you imagine it so. It's just so unique you know it'd be cool to adapt to religion just for the cultural elements yeah nothing atheists I mean it's like you got culture. You'd Watch Bill Maher and that's a wow. I can see that seem Mike. There's not much in his in his soul. Doubly no soul the I don't know when I was growing up it was just poor black and poor white around me specifically that was like the nature I was is in and then they had kind of wealthier white people and we didn't have any there was no other cultures around us even had a black Jewish gamma mom date at one time mm-hmm Jewish names Ali Rich Berg was the guy and he was cool. He's takes on rise to get gasoline which is crazy. Drop like sixty miles to.

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