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Why deflate gate all the videos gay all the things that that he has been he couldn't even show his face in New England. He couldn't even craft has released a statement. We categorically denied that Robert Kraft engaged in any illegal activity because it is a judicial matter. We will not be commenting any further. So no surprise a billionaire that can get any lawyer. He wants is is challenging the charges. That's what Robert Kraft is going to do. So he has released a go to the video says. Let's go to the tape. That's the thing. This tape is is freedom of information man, because this is a surveillance tape and bodycam tape that a media outlets can and I guarantee you will request. So even go to a case keenum soy right now. Go quick real quick. Case keenum story case keenum, the Broncos traded for Joe flacco case keenum was on the Jason Romano sports spectrum podcast, and he was asked about his feelings as soon as the FICO trade was made this case keenum. Yeah. So call me that morning and great conversation. So you know, what she didn't have to do. And I appreciate it that. John's definitely definitely shocked. It was it was a surprise for us. You know, and I thought probably for the first day or so that's kind of what it was. But for us. We're definitely disappointed. It's not something. We wanted wanted to happen. I know that you know, everybody's doing a job in John feels like that was a chance for him to help the Broncos out. So you know, it's it's a chapter lives. And and and we're gonna roll with it. You know, we're gonna across this like I do everything in my entire life. And that is it's not by accident, and this has happened. And you know, it's just another chapter in another another opportunity to overcome. Here's what versity. My life's case, case keenum. I'm sorry loophole. Jim had an interesting theory on this Robert crafting as well. Sure, you wanna hear it? Well, you're smiling. Is it a smart ass comment? You didn't say yes or no. Do you want to hear it or not? Yes. He said there's a lesson to be learned from this Robert Kraft thing and that is. If you wanna have a creepy massage parlor just do it in your own house. I co-signed that one hundred percent. I Costa I met one hundred percent. This is why you do it. And I'm not worth six billion dollars. Rockets lose to the Lakers last night. One eleven one oh six they blow a nineteen point lead along the way. Scott foster was the official. The rockets are now Owen seven when Scott foster officiates game. By the way in case. You're wondering James harden did score thirty points before falling out before fouling out. But after the game all the rockets wanted to talk about was Scott foster. Here's Chris Paul. And we're going to hear from James harden right after that. I mean, I don't know what else to do. Met with the league with him.

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