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That's eight can get in touch with us. You got us on Twitter calling shots NBC. And we are trying something new today. We are live on Instagram live. We're going on mine right now, Keith dot ariza's. So you can go check us out there. You can see what the studio looks like a little bit. You can see me getting automated as well. And at some point we will translate over or transfer over onto the show handle which will be calling shots. NBC a lot to get into. You would think on a Thursday. We'd probably open up with NFL. I'm so not into this Thursday night football game. I'm trying to find ways to to get interest interested in it, you think about it. And I guess I said this on Monday, right? So I I was talking about that Packers game. And I'm like nothing to get into. But maybe it'll be great. I was all in on the NBA last night. I had multiple screens going on. I was checking out different games. How about my New York? Knicks looking absolutely awesome. They were fantastic. Hello to all our Instagram followers. See you guys are starting to give me some waves wave back to you. Again. Keep dot is where we are on Instagram live and the New York Knicks man, I'll tell you they they were fond, but they were playing against a horrible team. And the Atlanta Hawks going to be the worst team or one of the worst teams in all of the NBA, the two games that intrigued me the most last night because of the implications I would say the rockets look bad. And again, we do this whole like overreaction thing. So so let's not do too much overreaction on one game. But there's something to be said about chemistry, and there's something to be. Said about how it all works. And we wondered how Carmelo Anthony could fit in on a team. That's a jump shooting team where he's a mid range guy. Now, I know he had his career high in three pointers made last year for Oklahoma City. I get all that. But it just didn't look right last night. James harden struggled, Chris, Paul didn't look very good. Carmelo was just plain bad three of ten shooting twenty seven minutes nine points. Not good on the flipside. How about those New Orleans pelicans? And maybe we overlook them. Maybe we didn't take them. I don't know seriously for what they did in the postseason last year. Just absolutely running roughshod on the Portland trailblazers and sweeping them in that open opening series, dude. Anthony Davis every bit of as good as we all expected and hoped Nikola miratec. Wow. Wow. Absolutely. Wow. Thirty points, ten boards. You got Elfriede Peyton doing? This thing off the bench getting your triple double. You're in a bad night from drew holiday yet. They still dominate one thirty one one twelve. So I think that's a story line to watch that is one of the games to watch. And remember yesterday when we were talking with Zach Carper about the quote unquote, like league pass type of things. Yes. Carmelo Anthony our Instagram followers. I am talking about Carmelo Anthony apologize. Yes. The former New York knick. Yes. Remember we were talking with Zach Carper about league pass type of teams. I think that we found to them. Well, we'll we'll judge it accordingly. But I think the Sacramento Kings are in and I think the Phoenix Suns are in. We know Devon Booker is potentially a superstar in this league. And the Andre eight and looked really good in that first game a double double eighteen points, ten boards, six assists as well. He was good Luca Danni. She was fine for the Mavericks. We'll go through all that. We saw in the NBA last night. Butts. Let's dive into some other things because major league baseball took the world by storm last night's. And I say this I'll go to fold once you go L A dodgers over the brewers three to Wade Miley getting pulled out after what five pitches it is. Just absolutely something. Crazy. We haven't seen this before. And I know that our producer Garrett was at the game. He was confused by hated it as well on the surface. I didn't like it. But then again, how about this like if we just want to pull back for a second baseball has always been about strategies. It's been about the shift. It's been about. Intentional walks things. Like that. So why is this? So uncomfortable for us to to accept. Yes. Five pitches is what this was so. It was all setup to try to screw with the LA dodgers and have them have their lineup set up for one pitcher. And then have different pitcher come in. It ultimately didn't work. I'm not as against this is everyone else sees it didn't bother me as much as it bothers everyone else and will always take your phone calls. Eight five five three two three four NBC eight five five three two three four six two two. You ask. Why would they even put him in will one you could view it as his his like warm up session? Right. So every pitcher has a aside throwing day and with that, you know, they throw X amount of pitches. They're warming up for the next day. Wade majlis likely going to pitch in game number six. They got to get there. Yeah. It was confusing. It was abnormal. But Craig counsel has been doing things like this all season long. The whole idea of an opening pitcher the whole idea of bullpens thing is what it's being called. So you got that Kershaw looked awesome. And I had my doubts. I I am big on transparency. I am big on honesty with you guys. And and I had questions as to whether or not Clayton Kershaw who is generational greats. Like when we think about who is your sandy Koufax of the era. It very well is Clayton Kershaw? There are other pictures that have been excellent Clayton Kershaw is generational. Great. And he was awesome yesterday. Seven innings nine. Ks three heads giving up just one earned. But now, let's get to the big one. And it's the Red Sox in the Astros. And this is where it's a shame that today the named Joe west is being thrown around so much. You ask who Joe west is? It's the home played on by ask. Why Joe west is a someone we're discussing today because Jose altuve launches what should've homerun goes into. The stands Mookie Betts is back. They're trying to make the catch. And and I'm sure when you guys on Instagram live, so as he goes up he closes his glove. Fan comes over and knocks the ball away. And we saw so many different views of this. And I keep coming back to the fact that while it is interference. By the letter of the law, bets wasn't gonna catch this his glove was actually closed like it was closed ball goes over to the left side of it. And he would not have caught the ball with all that being said it changed the complexion of the game. And now changes the complexion of the actual series. Red Sox go on to win eight six they're up three games to one in the series. They play again tonight at eight oh nine eastern chance to wrap it up with that being said like, you know, I just talked about Clayton Kershaw. I don't fully believe in David price tonight. I don't maybe he'll surprise me as well. Like like Gershon did. We got the calls for you. So I want you to hear the difference in my Instagram followers. Sorry, guys, you probably won't hear this unless you're listening on radio. I want you to hear the difference between the Red Sox. Call the interference and the Astros. Call First Boston, Joe Castiglione the pitch swing and a high ball right fail..

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