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Maybe it's for the person you're going on the date with whatever the case it's easy to sign up. And there's no real risk because you only been money if you love what you get. And as I mentioned, it's easy. To send stuff back. Okay. Let's get back to the story. Thirteen rupture. When I signed a ten day contract with the Chicago Bulls. I had one goal I wanted to score the year before and my first stint as a bona fide member of the National Basketball Association. I've played five minutes in two games with the Atlanta Hawks, but I hadn't made a single basket even wellbeing remarkably enthusiastic in my efforts to do. So in those five minutes I put up five shots. I was more than a little relief. Then when the nineteen foot jump shot I've cast up a few minutes into my first game as a bowl found the bottom of north of the United Center. Three days before I've been in the American Basketball Association playing for the Kansas City knights to the tune of seven hundred dollars a week and bus rides from Fresno to Tijuana now was scoring points inside the former home with Michael Jordan. The only black Mark against my shot was the team that came for you could say the bulls were pretty awful that season. But saying the bulls were pretty awful that season would be like saying Marianas trench is pretty deep. It doesn't exactly capture. The essence of the thing. The bowls have been ruined by youth movement that had put it stock in the wrong youths and the team was tilting and weaving its way through the end of the season like an alcoholic whose habits of finally caught up with him. It was a level of dysfunction that didn't bother me one with. I knew the situation was perfect for me. I'd always shine in chaotic basketball environments, a new head coach, Scott, Scott was the sorta Koshi would probably be impressed, by the way, I played basketball which revolved largely around a willingness to throw my body into almost any fray with little regard for the fact that I was almost always physically overmatched in that fray case in point my new teams last practice before a game against the Indiana Pacers one week after my first NBA points unhappy with the effort put forth by some of the bulls youngest, and is paid employees skylines into the day with four straight scrimmages during each I moved further and further up the depth chart aware that as long as I didn't quit. I would look better than my competition. When the last of the days scrimmages ended an assistant coach pulled me aside, you're going to play a lot. The pacers. He said it was as Kate Hudson character in almost famous as all happening. Sure enough. I was quick into the proceedings in Indianapolis checking in soon after one of the youths did something silly in the first quarter during a subsequent time out. I'd heard the same assistant coach till Schuyler quote doing a hell of a job on our test. So he might want to again, quote, leave me in for a while. Most of the time NBA coaches leave their players in games for eight or nine minutes shifts. It's rare even for regular rotation guys. Play more than twelve minutes in a row, which explains why I was surprised to discover the next time. I looked up at the scoreboard that hung over the Indiana Pacers court that there were five minutes left in the game. I played the previous nineteen minutes was used to playing in minor league games during which I didn't have to try nearly so hard. So I was exhausted. But I knew that my exhaustion wasn't important. What was important was that? I finished the game. I didn't have to lead my new team to a win in the process, especially because that would have been impossible, but with us being down by thirty points. All I had to do was get to the end. And this might turn out to be the sort of game that bolted me into scales regular rotation for good. And who knew what might come from that the NBA is full of guys who were in the right place at the right time and ended up in the league ten years..

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