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One or two per month. On two occasions the highway had to be temporarily shut down because there was no place for crews to park the rigs. But we've been extremely lucky over the years that we really haven't had that many instances where people getting hit on the highway. But it's just a matter of time. Walter's believes everyone who had to be rescued here survived. But right now the river is running very cold. Strangers like these from a rescue along the Stillaguamish River can take swimmers by surprise. Call Steve McCarran for the second straight fiscal quarter, Alaska Airlines says It has suffered its worst quarterly loss in company history. We reported a second quarter adjusted net loss of 40 and $39 million. This is a sobering loss, if the largest quarterly loss in our history and it's obviously not a sustainable results, CEO Tilden says. At four months after the Corona virus pandemic struck, Alaska's planes are still flying at an under 50% of 2019 levels. He expects to be at 60% by December. But as it will take two years to fully recover coming up as covert cases rise. Another dire prediction services. I'm Brian Calvert, with what health officials say is about to happen here on news time. 11 04 and updating the drive for you right now. Here's Kiara Jordan. Once again, we have a couple of new crashes. One is going to be in Seattle on north Gateway at Aurora. See used him extra caution there. Also a crash in Seattle on Alaskan Way at Madison. No, that that's walking the North bound Lane and I'm hearing of a motorcycle crash in Puyallup at Fifth Avenue and Fifth Street and that our roadway is going to be closed. There were also seeing some roadwork that's taking place in areas currently are off ramps from 5 2040 if those are going to be partially blocked by a road work And also roadwork in Sumner, heading eastbound on Highway for 10 at Traffic Avenue. Our next Cuomo traffic at 11 14 and you're coming forecast. We check that out with meteorologist Kristen Clark refreshingly cool again today a lot of spots spending the afternoon in the sixties..

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