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Our exparte dot com slash meghan enter promo code meg at checkout that's our ecs barred dot com flesh meg promo code meg for twenty five percent off your first order so you talked about nutrition specifically with children you want them to avoid junk food i us gibbons from nutritional guidelines just two couple you know i'm not a dietician but in general i look at the healthier the foods the better farmtotable if you can because you know what you're eating in where it comes from food in a food with protein in the morning if you can and then the biggest pieces being avoiding or eating less consistently that really junk or unhealthy foods um you know all the snacks all the things we love to eat because they taste good or fast food but that really is not good for our brain and body as you know talk about sleep how much featured a seven an or twelve year old be sleeping at night and obviously anxious children don't wanna sleep so how do you coach apparent through healthy sleep for kids that leads me into first talking about exercise because that's an easier thing to coach through at first and great data that exercises kind of releases brainderived neurotrophic growth factor which is the elixir of life for our brain and it helps with so many things one of that is anxiety and again we live in a more sedentary society but if you can get kids in addition to their normal stuff to be trying to get relief thirty minutes or more of a rubik exercise a day it does amazing things to our brain it down regulates our brain it releases brainderived neurotrophic graf growth factor it helps nerve cells grow and it helps and apsis has become more and it helps smilin' nation it's us all this good stuff and it helps us to sleep.

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