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All right everybody. Welcome back to the forward podcast. I'm your host Lance Armstrong. I know these are few, and far between this day and age. It's a little crazy. Also in this day and age Zoom Day and age I really have no excuse. My Hope my guest today. My host I'm the host. My guest today is the Hani. Jones DOB Donnie Gosh Ten plus years. start at the University of Michigan. As a linebacker went on to play in the League for ten years. But has become so much more than that. In the African American community, he's a true true leader in every sense of the word. he's parlayed his success on the football field. to so many other things whether it's the financial markets. Television career, and he's just one of the most charitable some bitches you'll ever know. was real honor to have him on clearly a lot to talk about in this day and age with everything going on. Right on the heels of global pandemic which. we're still dealing with but the The. Discussion around race in our country especially. A something near and dear to his heart In, his words I got taste. This is one of my longer ones. Maybe the longest one I've ever done and I did not want to stop so if you're just listening right now, decide if you listen. This this was maybe the coolest ninety minutes. I've had in a long, so give it a listen. Before, we jump to Johnny. Our friends over at the move. Which I guess is myself. And George. J got a couple of things cooked up. Obviously like all global sporting events everything on hold the cycling season has been put on hold. The is still. The tour. De France is still tracking for late August. To Run for three weeks into September through September twentieth. Obviously. That the move, we will cover it daily like we do every July, we're really.

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