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He didn't have a great series against boston his shot was off but if he can get him going which i'm sure lebron is gonna identify pretty quickly that's going to be one of the big keys of the game and then is there a bigger dr jekyll and mr tournament seen right there because at 'em spears ninety six myself at peter burns espn what is the greatest hot and cold athlete of all time because i might it may be one of those deals like there's never be a college football coach of the year award it should just be the nick sabin coach of the euro award right he should always win that i think it should be the jr smith dr jekyll mister hyde award because i don't i can't recall an athlete mike i'll bring you into this discussion as well to can you recall an athlete where you had no idea on if that person was going to be a game changer or that person was going to be a mean for for a whole week like jr smith i think he may win the annual award every single year i'm trying to think of somebody i mean like i'm thinking of their quarterbacks in in in the nfl yeah i can see that i mean i saw tibo in a in a game against the houston texans heck in the game against the pittsburgh steelers i was there in sports authority field where he threw the eighty yard touchdown maria's thomas he threw for three hundred and sixty yards i think three touchdowns in of course and then the next week they he threw for like eight yards against the patriots and foxborough loss that's a good one i'm thinking of the greatest hot cold athletes of all time because i would think it would be in baseball golf right because it's a it's a game of failure how about adam dunn guy would like two hundred strikeout a thousand times but he ever touched the ball it was home run jason heyward also i think with the braves like whenever he would do that like you know we would go would be feast or famine david divall had some he's had a run like that where a couple of years ago or gosh now maybe almost twenty years ago guy sheets fifty nine and then all of a.

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