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Half the horrible in the second half It's just as simple as that. That's why the importance of having a player like hisashi clouds. Step up you're talking about in the second half last game or just two games ago was so important but we saw that fall off fall of minnesota accent just came up their foul But i mean you look at just the collapsed in the second now obviously or quarter little bit. Different story Gun connecticut sun score. Eleven washington mystics. Twenty to release seal off that game but at that went for the most part is pretty much done gables Connecticut sun the number one team. Italy i got some questions for you one. What makes the sun team so scary. We talked about a little bit before we got in this episode. Kind of how. They play playoff style. Basketball all season long is that what makes them so scary to me. It's the bag that they force opponents to slow down their game in played their speed while the first thing i'm gonna do is going to pitch the article that i wrote last week for wind cider. Black hole sun. How connecticut's pace swallows opponents. Because he spoke about re tweets that rat. The sun are last in terms of pace in the league and are significantly below the league average. And they're doing so somewhat of necessity so they came into the season where they came into the season and just a month before they are getting ready to tip off elissa thomas who was. Who is there everything. Who is their their leader. Who is just their point forward. Who's their defensive anchor Goes down an achilles injury overseas and they still signed her to a deal. You still getting max money. But because of that. They can't afford the twelfth roster spot so their route rolling with eleven. but they're actually rolling with ten. Because they're holding eliza. Tom has on the roster so now they're at ted there one injury away from qualifying for hardship every time out So what they're doing is they're leaning on their star wars more than any other team in the w all five of their starters average north of thirty minutes a game and no other team in the wnba has more than three players above that threshold. So a lot of the play is it's intentional. it's kurt miller talks about. It's very very intentional. Because of their personnel that they have to play slower but they're also playing through their front court. You're playing through brianna jones. They're playing through jonquil jones and and even wanna honor is often going to push the pace and then if there's not a free layup there she's going to back out and they'll slow it down so they're not trying to score too much on turnovers and they're actually struggling with turning it over a bit themselves because they're forcing it into the post so much but he has a very very intentional style of play but what that leads to is rebound so they lead the league. They don't lead the league in number of rebounds because they play so slowly but they lead the league in percentages of rebounds grabbed and they limit their opponents. Rebound percentages during this nine game win streak. They outrebounded their opponents. Three twenty two to nineteen so by over one hundred rebounds and in these games. They're averaging thirty five point. Three opponents are averaging twenty four point. Three they're winning the rebound battle by more than eleven rebounds a game. it's just phenomenal. And it just smothering at. It's so difficult if you are an opposing team trying to get up a second shot because you just missed one over the six six point our center. Everything that tom is and you can't chase down rebounding another easier left. I wish i had to just like make a team full dunk wells and the just just see what happens Another question for you. I appreciate stands bringing. I got a lot of questions for the son of the number one team. Right now the standings and they've been there you know not bowl season but a nice chunk where i think it's respectable right. We're not talking about all the happen there. For one day we will be on environment like early on the season. No shave when liberty number one feels like just way The number one but not seeing the same height or here navy or this team that we've seen for the seattle storm recently just as recently as the early on this season. So i'm curious for you as somebody who is wise about the league not just connecticut's on a when you look at this. Why do you think that is in my out of pocket. Or is there something to what i'm saying or has the even as the league of in lee reached a point where you know the sun the store the there's so many teams the storm have dropped down to a normal human status as opposed to godly says that they've been recently. What when you look at those two teams the first thing that the the storm going to have working in their favors the fact that they are the defending champions right and that they've won the head to head matchups. The first game was at was the last game on a four game road trip west coast trip for the connecticut sun and that was the game where kurt miller was suspended. And then the storm had a late comeback at one the game in overtime And then the second time Everyone start what you mean. Brady pools right right. And then the second matchup was the first game. I believe without john coyle jones so it was a huge blow out And it was actually the only loss that the connecticut sun have had at home this season. So i think when you're talking about them as a contender. What's really really scary. Is looking at them as a top two seed or as the top seed that will have home court advantage in the playoffs because it's a huge advantage so thirteen one at home in their eight and five on the road and like i said the only loss came in that head to head. But why do they not get the respect. I mean you have to look at the recent accolades you have to look at like. I said the storm winning the title. But also the fact that they're led by stewart who's got a half dozen titles in the last in the last year it feels like that the yeah the other. The other biggest. Contender is the las vegas aces who made it to the championship. Last season with the defending mvp. In asia wilson so. They've got the accolades there. They've got the narrative there whereas the the sun have been really competitive. These last few seasons in a lot of the the narrative comes from within and has kind of promoted from within. But there is something to that where they're playing this really like blue collar style of physical basketball. That's just a lot less fun to watch than the flashy play of the storm..

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