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Murph wins dot com Polly McMurphy unveiled a new nickname for himself last Friday, which they don't call him Saturday. Murph for nothing. Shut up, Platt. See, I wrote Stanford in the points against SC. They want outright unbelievable. At Stanford Cardinal from Saturday. My Saturday murder Saturday Murphy I was doing Wednesday will make another appearance this Friday. Alright, this Friday. We'll see what happens. We'll stay tuned. Another reason to tune in. Hey, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers getting blown out the bum babies. So this after this offseason where Rogers just held us all and the deep sighs the jeopardy detour. I mean, how much can we take out here? Contemplation? Erin Andrews. Yes, I watched as she goes with some food. You used to describe your off season, he said. Contemplation, contemplation. What a miserable spot. He's in a young man, a multimillionaire quarterbacking at the peak of his powers a lot to be upset about their. Meanwhile, many parties believe in the NFL MVP would never play for Green Bay again. Yet there he was, they got there. He was out there in his Packer uniform, getting his rear Friends. Whipped. In fact, I had to bring in some special John Goodman sound to punctuate some of this stuff. If you don't believe it for me, take it from Coach John Goodman has heard in revenge of the nerds just got your asses whipped. You're damn right. You did one more time. I just put it in. Just got your asses whipped and I'll tell you another thing. Just put it in bomb Aaron Rodgers today and I look in the mirror with that droopy basset hound face. I'm letting more John Goodman sayings into my dom. Let this in Aaron. Well, if I was you, I do. Something about it. I would get up and redeem myself in the eyes of my father, my maker and.

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