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Artificial intelligence sir william of which is a blessing were curse last week i was talking with a guest about i'll people are like ted williams he's dead now the great baseball player but they've got his head cryogenicallyfrozen so one day when they are able to download memory they're going to clone his body and download his memory into the body in there is again he sees there and eat but there's one thing doesn't that body not have a soul it well that would be the argument we can't after that definitively but based on millennia of spiritual tradition noted goal is not the body the sole temporarily inhabit the body so where is ted williams soul is is the question uh i have i so really fascinating story and uh certainly be amazing to see what the ultimate result of that is going to be i technology will be able to do that they are rican clone and lutely and we're probably may be five to ten years away from venoy able to download memory onto which ship and then uploaded again later and wished another human brain got that art of the promise of this especially the virtual reality technology where we will be able to experience emotions that we've never experienced before in a really deep sense i mean you can imagine a virtual reality scenario where somebody duplicates the resurrection of christ and you get to see the transformation of a human being into a being of light and what that might feel on a physical level could recreate historical occurrences from the past where you you don't just get to read about alexander the great you could have lunch with him made that that is astounding to to think of of that potential and i love that that aspect of it so the again we're we're clearly looking at a double edged sword or uh uh a pandora's box that definitely bring some gifts but it also at at the very bottom of that box is misery let's nonetheless.

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