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Two nine three seven seven six we will start with Kristen Jacksonville Florida up first Chris you're on game day what's up but are you doing great doing great I love this topic because obviously I was a big fan of the bulls like so many watching basketball back in the nineties and everybody just knew that Michael Jordan was the star but got a tip it was the top well it was one of the top fifty players in his own right and we thought that the ego manifests itself when he refused to come off the bench because Phil Jackson shows Tony cook acidic glass shop in Jordan wasn't there but one of the big questions that I have is when Jordan was there because it was such a talent do you ever have a hard time with Jordan getting all the spotlight all of the accolades I think that that's a question that I've always wondered myself well that's a great question I mean I you know I was I can't speak for Scott and Scott who can answer that question but I'll tell you what if you want to talk about Courtney how important Scotty Pippin was to the bulls remember when the bulls were having difficulty with Detroit in the playoffs those couple of years when the bad boys at the Jordan rules and they were pushing him around and everything in Scotty was you know pushed in the back by Dennis Rodman never had the the the the famous migraine headache that really kind of knocked him out of the playoffs that one year it wasn't until Scotty became mentally tougher that they got past Detroit it what Michael always play great against Detroit it was the supporting cast in meaning number one first and foremost Scotty Pippen in the year that they broke through that first year they beat Detroit in the conference finals and beat the Lakers in the finals a big part of that is because Scotty Pippin took his game to a different level yeah let me think about how mad Michael Jordan was I believe it was at ninety seven season with Scotty Pippen was like talk about delaying the surgery he had that foot injury and he missed half the year and it took the bulls all I think it was a seven game series before they face Utah in the finals to Olympia nearly eliminated by the Indiana Pacers and Michael Jordan you know I remember he was very vocal about Pippin in that season in kind of that he wasn't thrilled about the decision making of you know Pippin and for the bulls especially when it came to that injury so that dynamic and what those two were like off the court hi to me is one of the more intriguing story lines because we always kind of thought of them as that trio between Rodman Pippin and in Jordan but for his entire career I always feel like he's been linked to Scotty Pippin but we just don't know enough about the dynamic between those two and just how they left things off at the end of both of their careers shacks in global Kentucky up next check what's going on here on game day all right we'll move on let's see it Nick in South Carolina he is next on game day on ESPN radio in the car you I thank you for taking my call main thing I'm excited for that interview with Kobe Bryant about a week before the fasting talking about Michael Jordan that's one of the main things I'm looking forward to it who I remember as a kid growing up that I believe it was so if you go to the Olympics but there he was coming over at Michael Jordan's body work they can turn garden well if you've got to have legal effect and I'm scared of getting beat up that was one of my favorite stores yeah they were absolutely let me concoct Chabot then wanted to in every way make sure they established with coach potentially coming to the bulls who was the man and the both of them were just absolutely destroying a man I guess that part of it you know maybe part of it was wanting to establish not the dominance of the two of them I think that would have been obvious but establish the toughness level that he was gonna face coming over Jeff well then I think also to I think that was to try to throw in the face of Jerry Krause who does that work across picnic which was across guy and there was so much hype about the bulls going overseas in drafting him and having his rights and at some point the Croatian sensation was coming to America and he was gonna be on the bulls listen Tony crew coach was a great player let's not sleep on Toni Kukoc China according that Steve Kerr is the fourth member on the little last dance pro more doing it E. S. P. N. with with Jordan Pippen and Rodman and and Steve hit the big shot in the ninety seven finals and of course he's a great coach and a great person and everything had a great career Toni Kukoc was as big as anyone outside the big three other there's a reason that he was this expanded the year yeah I mean remember what I was talking about was Scotty Pippen's injury knocked him out for thirty plus games I mean he's the guy that stepped up in that night in nineteen ninety seven and was more he took on more than just his role playing role I mean he took it to the next level he was limited by the superstar teammates that he had like a magic had all of this not panned out the way that it did and he wasn't playing with Michael Jordan he wasn't playing with Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippin I think that we're talking about a completely different story here but he was somebody that was okay with that and that's why I think that the credit he doesn't necessarily or he hasn't necessarily gotten widespread nationally like we're going to finally get to see just what his impact meant for this bulls team as these episodes unfold what squeezing Stephen free next year next day what's going on I'm looking forward to I hope they show the scene when the practice when Jordan punch speaker in the face and the bill Kirk probably Jordan could have probably pounded current fight Kerr had the courage to go back in Jordan and come after and Jordan backed off and apologized to curry never bothered me again he respected him for cursing willingness to come back at a I don't think there's any doubt and can I mean Kerr right away and that was very early in Kerr's tenure Courtney that was not far along at all now when I am really looking forward to that because he's talked about this before when he was an analyst I'm TNT Anne said I don't know what the hell I was thinking it so I'm really looking forward to see what he talks about it in regards to that confrontation and you know how that whole thing played out UP next more of your excitement what do you want to see will take more of your calls eight eight eight straight years beyond it it's seven to nine three seven seven six on the last dance it's coming up on ESPN radio and ESPN app Jordan is the most talented to last dance ten part documentary series beginning tonight on ESPN there may be no game doctor says no high fives but we're also part of the team and we all have a role to play right now that means keeping our distance but still checking on each other helping the most vulnerable and supporting our heroes that are keeping us safe sports maybe cost but are needed now more than ever to help my team one team ESPN you go to the mechanic in here has been the torque right now let me.

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