Jamie Dupree, Tony Marino, President Trump discussed on Dana Loesch


Point five WDBO. Thank you. Jackie. Dave. I do want to get to this big national news. You're seeing this as well. From our Washington watchdog, Jamie Dupree, two point. Now, you know, we're not going to in-depth on national news today. But there is a very big development on the partial government shutdown that could happen. Jamie says the stopgap funding Bill that would keep the. Government open. February is a no go for President Trump. Let's get report on here. I'm Jamie Dupree in Washington. President Trump has told GOP leaders that he will not sign a temporary funding Bill for the government unless there is money for his border wall. House speaker Paul Ryan. So we're going to do is go back to the house and work with our members. We want to keep the government open. It's not clear how Republicans can find a solution as the GOP has not had the votes for the president's border wall money so date you've been following this one it looks like we could now be heading toward a partial government shutdown. What show was not expected? Well, I, you know, one thing's for sure they're going to be a number of government employees. Should it happen who are not going to get a paycheck in time for the holiday? So you know, this is never a good publicity move. Absolutely. We do have this update from our own. Tony Marino on that single engine plane, which took off and crashed near Ponte Vedra beach this morning. According to the Federal Aviation Administration to people were on board the piper PA Forty-six when it went down around nine forty five two miles off the coast. Most of the Saint Augustine inland. Several agencies responded, including US coastguard helicopter crews from savannah and Miami as well as Saint Johns county fire rescue the condition of the two people on board the pilot and a passenger have not been updated the plane left Orlando's executive airport headed for New Jersey. Tony Marino, news ninety six point five w case. It was headed for New Jersey. I may have messed that up before as I thought the plane was coming in from New Jersey. So Tony just clarified that one for us here. I also wanna get this back on one more time from Lieutenant Kim Montanez from the Florida highway patrol talking about some road safety things that we have to keep reiterating. We are seeing some pooling of water in certain areas. We did have a pothole open up earlier on I four and a couple of vehicles were damaged by that. But that's since been fixed by outmatch brings. And then as a reminder, we want drivers to remember headlights on flashers off me should be having your headlights on when you're driving in this weather. Eliminate your headlights and your tail lights, and it's not about so that you can see it about. So people can see.

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