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Sports on your home of the Bears. Dave current Ernie's radio 7 80 in 105.9 FM, TVM news time 7 48 traffic and weather together on the eights. Here's trance. Erickson this trouble in the Bishop Ford is continuing the inbound side just as you get on to it off of 80 94 traffic is stopped with all lanes blocked. Now it's a crash investigation, which is bad news. And that certainly means that it's going to be there for some time. You can use Dixie Highway or hall step Beyond that, or by 57, which is moving along just fine. The up A bishop Ford is looking pretty good. Actually, 18 94 is a result of this on the westbound side from Torrance. It's just stacked up to get to the Bishop. Ford might want to avoid that area altogether right now, and the green line trades. They're stopped at Garfield. There's a track fire looking like so there might be some time as well. 19 minutes on the evenings backto posted speeds. No problems in our outbound your Kennedy Outbound is looking good to O'Hare is 20 but its back in its 30 for though we got that earlier crash right around Irving Park, where it's slow from Foster and then Division into the bird interchange 17 that it's from the evens junction on the Eisenhower outs. Good in slow from David 32 from 3 92. Downtown on this Stevenson moving well, either direction the end outside If you find a delay at all, you'll find it in the right lane approaching that Dan Ryan inbound rap because of ramp work going on, and that will be on the outside of the Dan Ryan to 31st 35th pretty heavy with a crash there. It's taking out the right lane. And then beyond that, you're slow from the Stevenson A Roosevelt Without rover. Get the right lane. It's a 21 minute trip coming in from 95th 21 back out as well and looking like a little slow from 83rd Now down to 95th High 57, as I mentioned looks good, but avoid that imp outside of the Bishop Ford. All lanes are blocked just as you get onto it off of 80 94 with a crash investigation going out now. Ex traffic reported 7 58 news radio 7 81 of five point out of them tonight. Clear, comfortable evening with aloe the upper fifties and tomorrow Sunshine. Not is howto Hyah! Near 80 Saturday,.

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