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They're playing forty percent more games. Yep. Then they before they became a game pass member. So that's kind of interesting they're discovering these new genres these new they're playing all these back catalogue games that developers who built the games weren't getting that game play. Yeah. So it's interesting. It's a little unlike net flicks. Because it's not like, okay stopped renting my bought BUSTER thing. And I just up that way. And I'm doing it this way. It's actually like, no, no, no the game, developers are getting a lot more value out of it because people are discovering their back catalogue games. And that is that's pretty. Yes. Exactly. That's exactly right. And so that's kind of been cool. We'll see if that continues. Obviously love that to continue because we want this to be good not just for the game. But we want it to be really good for the game developers. So game passes big for us. And I think you can expect to see more interesting things in the game pests space, shall we say in in the next in the next year? So is there an opportunity to do game pass? You wouldn't call it this, obviously like an e three five kind of like different levels, and you get more at different price points kind of thing. Because you don't really do that right now, do you? That's a fascinating idea. Mary joe. I'm Joe the heck is wrong with you. No, he likes it. Words next year. You know, what that means? That means it's already in the pipeline. You just just accidentally hit right? Nothing. Chris. It means nothing came pass e e five you. I think you should join the naming team help us. I'm good at this. Job. Is there a naming team? That's what they do full-time. But we have a set of people called product marketers who do the messaging the positioning Mamer their job as a whole. Yeah. Exactly. So the surface go to surface team who does the products marketing for surface decided to call a rate name. Yeah. Surface. And that one, you know, had lots of lots of opinions on belief we fallen in love with his choice. Yeah. So stay tuned on game s I think there's there's a lot more to come. And I think you've already obviously already seen that we're working on this thing that we call project x cloud where you'd be able to stream games to your Android phone. And so this notion of you know, gaming with the people you want with the games we want on the device as you want is is big and game passes. A really it's a hidden gem to us getting there. So that would be helping them that would be a second. I've been to now let's get to the ones that you're gonna be like, dude, really. I think it was two years ago. Or I said, Mark my words, Microsoft teams is hidden gem for us, and I left after the call. You guys are like well that was really interesting interview. But man that makes. That was the one thing that you were kind of scratching your head. The reason I was so excited about MC soft teams then and I put it on the list. Now is we built that product very very quickly like the agile engineering that went from idea to actually shipping. Something was incredible. And now here we are a couple of years later and teams and I'm going to cheat. And I'm going to put Microsoft sixty five in there because teams comes with Microsoft, you sixty five these are very very big important products to us most people don't even know what Mike to sixty five is yet. It is a service that combines office three sixty five with our device, manageability and security technology called EMS with the windows subscription. And so if you're a CIO for the.

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