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This week. Those we have really exciting and very inspiring guests, she such a trailblazer, such an inspiration in the business world. I know you haven't met her, but you know all about her, so take it away both. Tell us about our guests Mary Barra. Katie I am excited about Mary Barra. She is all of my corporate goals. She is the CEO of General Motors. One of the Big Three. DETROIT AUTOMAKERS GM is one of the largest and historically important companies, so the American economy and I mean talk about male dominated. You can't get more of a swaggering boys club than the car industry that's for sure. And when Mary was appointed those in two thousand, fourteen, only twenty of the fortune, five hundred chief execs. execs were women, and now we're up to thirty seven, which we should note is still impossibly infuriatingly small, but is more women. Take over those executive positions. We really have to thank leaders like Mary Barra absolutely incredible, and it was such a pleasure to meet her resume, and have this meaty wonderful conversation you know. She shared her path to leadership, and how she was able to make such a massive company like GM. Gm Act nimbly in a time of crisis. But of course we had to start in the here and now we have to talk about this letter. She wrote toward nearly two hundred thousand employees in response to our current racial unrest. I've to tell you Katie I was I mean. I'm really really impressed. You know the company letter express some fiery sentiments that I really haven't heard seen presented by mini CEO's at all and. And a lot of people hopefully bose will follow suit and I've got a quote from that letter. She says she is impatient and disgusted. By the fact, that is a nation. We seem to be placated by the passive discussion of why we wanted to know where her head was that when she wrote that letter, and how she plans on turning those words into.

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