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Hi Mike Rossi a reporting canceling a speech by Ivanka trump spurs a backlash for Kansas college the Kansas board of regents went into a closed special session today apparently to discuss the fate of Wichita State University president Jay golden a former board member sent a letter Monday calling for golden to be fired after his decision to cancel a virtual speech to graduates by Ivanka trump last Thursday Golding cancelled the speech that was scheduled for the technical schools graduation after students and faculty protest it Steve Clark the former regent seeking golden's ouster served as chairman of the search committee when golden became Wichita state's president in January hi Mike Crossey up the movie classic is being deleted from a major streaming services playlist gone with the wind of change H. B. O. Max says it has temporarily removed gone with the wind from its streaming library the network says it's doing so to add historical context to the 1939 film the movie starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh has long been criticized for romanticizing slavery and the civil war era south the move comes after director John Ridley urged Warner media which owns HBO Max to remove the film because it glosses over the issues of the confederacy and slavery morning media agrees saying that gone with the wind is a product of its time and that the racial prejudices it depicts were wrong then and are wrong today and to continue showing it would be irresponsible I'm Oscar wells Gabriel

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