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Even just a little gesture like her leaning down to pick up the call that was that was something that she would not have done previously. So to find them together. Now that sauna is legitimately one of the most powerful people in the entire realm in the entire route. And of course, Tyrian serving denarius himself on most powerful people in the realm where they can gaze. Upon each other across that even playing Philly be really interesting to see what that relationship is like that such a great way of framing it because while Tyrian was always kind toward sonza and protective toward her. It was because he would say this. She thought she was child he felt that she needed protection. And now she's appear more than appear. I mean Tyrian is an employee. Doesn't answer to anybody. Yes. In a sense like John is above her. But doesn't wanna be there? They're much more even than their titles imply and sons doesn't answer to anybody. So that will be very very interesting reunion. I can't wait for it. Are again very same day that was a time in Arias life when she had nobody. Yeah. And Gandhari at that point was kind of like used to having nobody and you just wanted them to like be able to stay together. And it just didn't happen. So yes, shipping them hard. That would be great very powerful match. Also, like just. Lyrically? Sure Starks and the bastard of king Robert breath, yet like very powerful batch one of the reasons I'm really excited for them to be together again is because even though when they were together REO was tough and had to remain on edge. So that she could literally say alive and avoid capture. She was so sweet and playful with Gandhari ultimately end like since that time, she has hardened so fully that I'm hoping that Genry can unlock a little bit of that the nature of her relationships has been fundamentally altered since she has been separated from Genry. Right. And so seeing her back can be I hope of source of tapping back into REM stark and continuing to move away from no one both Ganji aria. Well, gantry not so much obviously, strong virginal vibes for a lot of the show. So be interesting to see them together. John and brand yummy. Never been with a woman. So one of my favorite lines in the show. What was what's the line when Nelson just coming up, and he's like, I don't see what's so special Ed or something because yoga? Great. So John brand there's that moment in season one when at the execution when John is like don't look away father will know and John's goodbye with brand cap doesn't want him to be in that room. But John pushes through his fear because loving brand is so important to him. Just I think it'll be a real shock for John to see what has happened to brand. What do you think John's gonna make of brands three I driven? I've been like hitting the pipe. All dave. I honestly don't know. I think he's going to be really taken aback like shocked like really saddened and onward by maybe in a way because number one we thought he was dead for a long time. Didn't know where it was while he though John does know he's alive because of Sam right revealing John that he had crossed pet like it's been a real roller coaster over the course of the series. I thought he was dead disappeared the new he was alive, and they're our miss pastors and now to see him again like. This. I think will be a real a real real shock. There's not everybody's so changed. There's not a lot of people that John can be like, hey, remember what it was like when we were kids. Right. And have it be really pure. It's also just going to be such an uneven conversation in the sense that remember when brand was trying to not trying to explain that's kinda the point. When I was like, I don't understand what you're telling me. I'd understand what you and he was just like it's hard to explain. So that's what he's gonna offer to John. It's hard for me to explain who. I am. But here's literally everything you need to know about who you are. You are the air. The iron throne. Your parents are on stark in regard tar area and Gendron Mila, Sandra..

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