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County road and overturn an Oklahoma City. Police are on the scene of shooting. I thirty five near south east fifteenth street early today responded to report of people in two vehicles, traveling south of the interstate shooting at one another one person taken to a hospital legal action involving a drug rehab center lake eufaula. Here's Jacqueline Scott. An Oklahoma woman has filed a lawsuit alleging a drug rehab center linked to the church of Scientology breached its contract and her lawsuits. Fica Taylor claims Narconon Arrowhead near Canadian did not have certified medical personnel. Narconon is a two hundred bed facility that promotes substance abuse treatment theories by church of Scientology, founder L Ron Hubbard US secretary Sonny Perdue scheduled to visit Oklahoma City today to speak at the Oklahoma national stockyards this afternoon folks across America are in costume. Here's Tonya j powers, welcome to Halloween. It's the one nine a year you can live your best life as a T. Rex king Challah are pretty much anyone from game of thrones. How are we spending? It won't spending is the operative word. Forbes reports will drop about nine billion dollars nationwide about eighty seven dollars a person about seventy percent of us will be handing out candy half of us. Decorate a little fewer than that will dress up for kids. The most popular costumes are Princess superhero. Batman Star Wars characters in which is for adults. It's witches. Bam Pires zombies pirates and avengers characters. I'm Tanya, j powers Fox News. The NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. Weather studio in the forewarn storm dean showers likely this afternoon about.

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