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So is that is that good management recognizing that you know you're really inexperienced tears still so let's bring in more of these proven performers and an kinda goats to try and lead the her. Yeah it well. Yes i mean i think any of it like adding a goals yet. Simmons tried to address a a toughness sort of thing. It's all looking at. What our weaknesses in our strengths. Now the older guys not so sure on only in that i remember being an older guy and like your. Your legs are there. And then they're gone. You know it happens pretty quick right. It doesn't happen to a twenty seven year old happens to a forty year old. You know jason spetsnaz thirty seven Going to be You're going to be thirty eight at the end of the year. Thornton of course is plus forty. Y'all simmons has unfortunately had a lot of injuries to him that we don't really know how the pace of the game is gonna look this year because it didn't look great last year so the the list of forty year old effective players is really short. Like it's almost non existent. So they're they're asking joe to fill that spot with massey's and more they're asking him to play on the power play. Can you do it. I have no idea. I guess they probably don't know either. But for that cost the probably feel a luck. We're getting a great a one person. Which is what they have inspects it to and what they're going to get with simmons and so we're gonna put these eighty one people in the room and then probably hope that their on ice performance helps because if you think of it those three who are not gonna win any skating that's twenty five percent of your forwards every night like it it matters. Yeah it matters. So that's the unknown part of this. As far as the people anna.

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