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Always always says man. It's a funny thing. He doesn't work for you and any time. A politician suggests they are working for you. Well less yours. Some kind of like rich corporation or lobbyists or something like that. They're lying i bet. The union worker guy was real surprised though like web. You're the government. Sit same conversation. Where biden says you're full of us because you know cussing out working people. That's that's how you get voted in and it is. I was so shocked. After i saw that that i never heard about it again. Because it legitimately creeped me out to see the way. His face looked when he got all angry about it. It was creepy. Geriatric demon la mazing. Let's go to the phones. We've got billy in arizona billy. You're on free talk live man. Your phone screener is really dumb you up. we've got. Don't that call minute ago. And i'm like just listening on the phone and then call screener do whoever that is comes back on zone. Yeah and then asked me ask me. This is so. I just like quick makeup name and so hey how you doing long time. No hear thanks david. David got hung up on or not. Who knows wasn't he supposed to think about what we should be doing. Next time he calls in. Tell us come on man. You're slipping indeed well. Somebody's fill it in the slot. Let's go to robert and vermont rubber. You're on free talk. Live all right you guys doing tonight. All's well what's on your mind so you got You mentioned mike about having people call in to make suggestions and stuff suggestions can be done to make. Freetalklive live more efficient in this difficult time for us. Yeah i mean. I've been a fan of listening to show. I don't know probably twelve thirteen fourteen years time and one of the things. I've always enjoyed about the show. Is you know once in a while. They'll talk about the local stuff like you know When conan was on he would talk about. You know different things with the ball and stuff like that. I'm not saying do that. Rubber i swear to god i hate that stuff. Whenever anybody says keene new hampshire on this radio program. It makes me bananas and ian used to do it all the time he would love to make this This local show. I hate it. This is a nationally syndicated radio program in two hundred radio stations across the united states. And nobody gives a flying flip roland. Donut about keene new hampshire ladies and gentlemen at least. That's how i feel. Tell us how you really feel. I do yes i mean i am going to say one thing that i think is actually nationally important about relatively local news so A while back. Our governor decided that he would. Just you know edit the laws 'cause you know that's the executive you're doing that all across the country well. Finally our legislative branch finally started going. Hey stop that well. They could barely get in in office but yeah they did they they they send a good scolding the governor and i think that's That's great news. And i hope that legislative branches around the united states do that and the idea that governors around the world have decided to throw people in house arrest without habeas corpus is despicable but turns out. The lawmakers are allowed to tell. The governor's that the governor's aren't lawmakers. Let the lawmakers due to the governor to will. They told him that okay. Well you are not allowed to keep declaring emergencies without our permission. Yeah did that. Actually pass in the house and senate last pass in the house. But not senate i was referring to like you know like two things go on with the equipment broken criminal system. You know them kind of things that need to be talked about. Yeah i whenever something goes on a broken criminal justice system. We'll talk about it. But i mean i don't like to talk about You know. I don't like to focus on keen rather than you know at the To to the pains of other Particular places i mean you know. I think that it's fine to say free. Talk done from keene new hampshire but anything more than that as As a little much as far as i'm concerned rush limbaugh doesn't focus on will West palm beach news. So don't waste any more nuclear so we're looking at it as show and see what he did. Thank you very much for the call. Robert do appreciate it. Thank you the numbers. While i'm giving up the number. Yeah might as well six. Oh three two eight three six one. Six zero six zero three two eight three six one. Six zero unscreened call. You're on free talk. Live high marcus stain. It from grand rapids michigan. Hi listen You were asking for ideas Please don't limit yourself to ask you for help from libertarian. I have discussed this with you. And andy four. Libertarians and conservatives are very closely aligned. Many things especially their foundations. And that's the important thing and then in other areas they you know. They splinter off but the foundation. Is you know what you build upon. So that being said the republicans you made remarks about republicans There's the other side of the point. Same side of the point or other side of the same coin is democrats. And that's why so many left of the republican party because they don't believe in laws affair anymore. You made a remark about. They used to care about You know corporations have too much power and government and stuff like that and they don't anymore so this is my idea for you. You need to appeal to more groups of people for already. We established libertarian. Should we need to Peels with conservative. You also need to appeal. And this is very important. For the trump movement they are comprised of disgruntled republicans. Some are conservative some not conservatives libertarians and some really pissed off middle democrat and those people are not going away. Have one more thing if you night you first of all. I'm saying you if anyone ever thought. Republicans differ from democrats. Why did mitch. And that whole game all ryan. They had all three branches of government. Did everything they could undermine trump the first two years. What the hell were they afraid of. Because he said he was gonna drain that swamp and get rid of people that look like them them right up. Yeah the some of the to act for help from the trump supporters. We really support you yeah. I think that there's thank you for the call. I think there's a lot of people who are out there on the fringes around. maybe not. maybe they don't have the most Principled an ideological stance. But they know that the government doesn't isn't working like the people calling themselves government or lying to us and they're doing it a lot and I think a lot of those people were sort of trumpsters and they imagined that trump was going to do some really great work and maybe he did do some great work. I don't know it doesn't matter to me. Honestly when i see you know what has had. What i see is that washington. Dc and the media complex spent a lotta time lying about donald trump. They did their very best to make him look as bad as possible. Look i get. Donald trump was not a principled libertarian. However he also wasn't all the things that they said and geriatric my god the what they did to up to to push him into office. It's stunning so my biggest issue with reaching out to the trump supporters is that a lot of them are really pro war. and honestly. If you want to kill arabs for no reason you are not with us. The trump didn't if you want to lock up crack heads that are just on their own. You're not with us. And my parents are really trumpian. They freaked out when they heard about the raid and everything and my parents just think. Bitcoin is like some kind of tool from the chinese government or something. That's why most trumpers think. I don't know what most trumpers think about bitcoin. But i can tell you that You know they. I guess the not motor sounds like chinese to them. I mean it's not the only thing that he said but trump was like. Yeah not only. Should we be killing these terrorists. We should kill their families. Like whoa chumps. About just yeah. I'm just saying that we should hunt down. The families of terrorists you know as a disincentive. He also said that he wanted to do. What do tetteh was doing. And kill drug dealers. Now i do appreciate the fact that the trumpster is are on board with the whole system needs to change indeed it. There's a lot of different people out there. That concede that the system is messed up. And i think dana is right there. Those people probably need to get together a little bit and everybody. If everybody's willing to compromise listen a little bit. Maybe maybe we'll have some success. I dunno check us out. In the meantime at freetalklive dot com and go to the crypto six dot com sport the campaigns for more financial freedom for you. The crypto six dot com..

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