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Caucuses given the circumstances of this campaign season I determined that it simply isn't our Tom Coster strongly advocated for immigration reform he qualified for the first four debates and although he met donor threshold set by the Democratic National Committee he failed to reach polling requirements in order to make the last two debates stages for NPR news I'm joy pelos seus in San Antonio federal judges blocking north Carolina's voter ID law from taking effect as Jeff to bury of member station W. U. N. C. reports the decision means voters there likely won't have to show photo identification when they go to the polls for the state's primary March third in her ruling federal district judge Loretta Biggs wrote in part North Carolina has a sordid history of racial discrimination and voter suppression stretching back to the time of slavery Republican lawmakers trying to require photo ID seven years ago while also reducing early voting and eliminating same day registration that effort was blocked by the federal bench for targeting black and Latino voters with quote almost surgical precision close quote the judge in this latest ruling said the goals and motivations of lawmakers went virtually unchanged this decision almost certainly means that photo ID it will not be required for the super Tuesday primary for NPR news I'm Jeff to Beery in Raleigh North Carolina the trump administration is imposing a partial and temporary ban on all flavored vaping cartridges except tobacco and menthol flavors but he said it cigarette makers can apply to the FDA for an exemption and several already have Turkey's parliament has voted to send troops to Libya NPR's Peter Kenyon reports Turkey's president Reggie tapered once said he favored a positive response to Libya's request for military assistance and lawmakers agreed passing the resolution easily Turkey supports the government of prime minister fires also Russian Tripoli which is under attack by forces loyal to warlord Haley for half star who control much of eastern Libya it's not clear the Turkish parliament's approval will necessarily mean an immediate troop deployment the parliamentary approval is good for a year and officials say the initial support is likely to come in the form of military advisers training drones and other assistance Peter Kenyon NPR news is dental this is NPR news North Carolina says it's reached an agreement with Duke energy to excavate nearly eighty million tons of coal ash calling it the largest coal ash cleanup operation in the nation's history it's a by product of coal production for electricity and Kohl lashes been stored in landfills ponds and near water ways in North Carolina for decades threatening nearby communities with toxic pollution scientists have discovered a marine animal that can see without allies in pairs Emily Vaughn reports it's a reef dwelling creature that's been dubbed brittle star imagine a starfish but with longer arms covered in stubby prickles that's more or less a brittle star the brittle star lives in the Caribbean where it uses the light sensor cells all along its body to find patches of shade to scuttle into during the day but it turns out there's way more to brittle star vision than just sensing light and dark in a paper published this week in the journal current biology scientists say that using it sensor sells the brittle star can actually detect objects in space and form an image it makes the brittle star only the second known eyeless animal they can see Emily von NPR news residence in a rural area that straddles Colorado in Nebraska or trying to find out what or who's behind drones that have been flying in formations over their towns late at night for the past couple of weeks the Federal Aviation Administration is also investigating I'm Barbara Klein NPR news support for NPR.

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