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Excited about I'm telling you, we let Democrats let me love the younger people love them too. Because I think it has a lot to do with the means of Obama has attitude and stuff like that. They love they lo-. I'm I'm sorry. I'm just telling you there is an affinity for Joe Biden. They'd like the guy I like him still. I mean, I don't agree with some of the, but he's the most qualified person in the country. I'm just saying has nothing. They'd like, Joe Biden Sherrod Brown. Don't you like him? No, he can sit. Well, well, they can all go have a Paolo Hillary Clinton for all. I care right now. Jeff Merkley, I don't even know who he is. But he can go. Oricon Tim Ryan the congressman from Ohio. Okay. Nancy pelosi. Ago. You can hang out, you know, he can go to the little kids table and John Hickenlooper can go fishing. Yeah. There's no way we're going to have a president Hickenlooper. That's just wrong. How about Jay Inslee? He's got a shot. Terry mcauliffe. I don't know why. But. Steve Bullock, governor of Montana beta overwork, he has a great shot. Great shot telling you after this stupid diary. He has a great shot. I would not be surprised. Eric Holder is there's like four guys left. He'll be one of the four Eric Holder. No shot. He's going to be at the table. But you'll be knocked out. I'm guessing early on. Yeah. Because he's got so much. Abrahams. Oh, she's the one that failed in Georgia right now. She's not gonna she's doing this state of the union response doesn't. That's how that's how Barack Obama got his start. Yeah. Bush's not that great of Iraq Obama. No. She didn't talk Broncos. Great when he spoke though. But I mean, that's. You want wanna look at it? That's what kind of cut made him comparing the Hilary. Hilary Mitch Landrieu. I don't know who that is. The mayor of New Orleans one of the Landrieu family has visit a sister was Senator anyway, Andrew gillum. No. No chance. He's a Bill de Blasio. No, no, no. Why didn't like them that much in New York? Who said they don't like him. He got reelected you got reelected, but they don't like him. The rest of the country won't vote. That's for sure. But I don't think the rest of the country are both any of the people. We just named. I think Joe Biden is the only one. I think betas like a UK. Smoke and mirrors. But nobody really knows or cares. And again. I'm not saying that he came out. I'm just be one of the finals watch at the final table. Well, Cory Booker be at the final table. Cory Booker has a great shot at the moment will be at the final table. She'll be close. I don't think people are the front runner low. We start digging Kamala. She's there's stuff that hasn't gone out there yet that when it gets out there at the fact that she prosecuted parents for their kids truancy. Yeah. But see, but they won't make Democrats line. Exactly. Elizabeth Warren come on. I think. You're welcome. Point you Billy, do I think that? Made of American table. But I'm just in my opinion at this point there used to be a fast. I don't know because they didn't know as much maybe she was a wildcard they thought or whatever when the whole birdie thing, but at this point. No, I don't think so. India thing does the only really young one that has a chance. I think he can straight talk to the youth. There's a reason Obama already reached out to him and spoke to him in private, you know, Biden also reached out to them spoken to improve the team has already talked to him. I'm telling you. There's something going on with beta that I have a strong feeling he will be pig. And it may be a great or if they can spin it where he can maybe become president. They might because he's young looks good. He knows how to talk. He knows when he's speaking his points. He knows how to. Ted Cruz, one of the least likes. To try to win that part of Texas hard. When's the last summer's democrat net that district prior to him? It's the democrat CDs in the Senate Senator congressman anymore. But when he was going after tech, Ted Senator that's the whole state. Yeah. But it's hard. So if he can't win the whole state of Texas. How's it going countries? I'm just saying he came close man anybody who can't be Ted Cruz is a loser. Anyway, let me lost already. So let's take a break.

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